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Date of Birth: 03/10/1949

Age: 67

Place of birth: Zharaguasu

Citizenship: Brazil

Jose Mayer: He started talking donkey

None of the actors studio "Globo" did not run away with such persistence. A year ago, when we first saw the show at the Mayer presentation "Hope", he vowed to pay us a little time. You should have seen the dazzling smile and a burning desire to be interviewed.

But it was enough for a second escape, Jose ... immediately faded to an unknown destination. This year, when we came back to Brazil, the actor mollify all press-service broadcaster. However, Mayer did not want to hear about the journalists. As free time on his weight in gold ( "and should also stars a little rest?"). "He`s a complicated man!" - Tactfully told us, clearly implying that such a hard-nosed, capricious and arrogant actor for "Globo" still search. "Try to catch it yourself on the set of the series Manuela Carlos" Women in Love "- with these words, we were given a pass to the pavilion. And an hour had passed, we settled down in ambush in the recreation room - our hero drew drink some coffee. We were ready to failure, but "Priepert to the wall," Meyer did a good face blossomed beamed.:

- Of course! How glad I am to meet you! With great pleasure to give you an interview! But why would you have agreed in advance? Now we have a little time. It was necessary to ask: I am entirely at your service! You say we`ve met? I do not remember! I have not forgotten you.

Tall, imposing, Meyer clearly drawn. Spread it is guessed at a glance: manners, gestures, looks - just like in the "soap" scenes where he tries to charm another partner. Admittedly, it works. After a couple of minutes, you stop noticing little things like gray hair or wrinkles. All eclipses completely inexplicable powerful male magnetism. Jose pleasure thrice kissed, hugged us for the waist (for photos), quietly passed his hand over her back. It`s not that serious - more so, by force of habit. A matryoshka he was delighted as a child. Fun to collect, disassemble, exhibited a row (here I do not expect from an adult male this sentiment!).

No word on "Hope"

- Jose, we have now is the TV series "Land of Love, Land of Hope" ...

How it twisted! Low saturated voice immediately became deaf and creaking, eyes look askance on his face all the signs of discontent.

- Do not ask me about this series. Well I can not talk about it, but do not want to bad, and I have no right. In general, I was not going to shoot it, I gave up the role, and let us close the topic.

Here gdeotkrylos true face! Now I understand why the actor so carefully avoided meeting with us. Fearing that the long-awaited interview is over, has not yet begun, we immediately change the subject.

- We have just finished "Family Ties". We are so impressed with your Peter!

- To be honest, yes? And remember, I Cynthia something snapped - and in the hay!

The danger has passed. Meyer revived, and the next few minutes portrayed in the faces of your favorite scenes: grab an imaginary partner, throwing her face into the wall. Say, I did so, and that, and that`s how!

- This man`s role could write only a man - Carlos Manuel. I love this author! And Pedro - one of my favorite characters. We were very similar: I am as swift and assertive, demanding, sometimes rude, cruel. But, unlike him, I`m good with women. (Meyer gives us one of his trademark little smiles.)

- On the screen, you often hero-lover?

- The wording is wrong. The classic hero-lover - not my type! Look, I have an ugly, heavy face, sharp features. I play these guys. Of course, I am not devoid of a certain charm - in fact the sign of the zodiac I am Libra, and often they give me the role of a love line.

- You are not afraid of horses on the set?

- What do you breed them myself! I have a small hacienda and animals: horses, dogs, cats, goats. I love to come, to ride on horseback. Nature I gain peace and composure.

- Did you have any difficulties with the role?

- If we are talking about Pedro, no. Now I`m back at the Carlos Manuel. My hero - a neurosurgeon. Preparing for the role, I visited a brain surgery in one clinic. I admit, when the "live" saw craniotomy, I became ill. With barely restrained nausea.

Highlander from Scotland

- Is it true that you are a native of the province?

- That`s right, from the town Zhaguarasu in the heart of Brazil. I am a native of the state of Minas Gerais (we call "mineyros"). We mountain people - the people calm, open, but distrustful.

- Where is your family now lives?

- I`m with my wife and daughter Vera Fazhardo Zhuliey - in Rio. I love this town: the most beautiful place in Brazil. Although there is now a high level of crime. It is dangerous, especially for those who, like me, has a separate house. But I`m not for that it does not go away! My father, Araujo Itagiba Quintana, has died. A mother Terezinha Martins Drummond lives in Minas, with my brother and sister. Brother (Senior) - entrepreneur, and his sister, younger than me - a teacher working in a special education program for abandoned and homeless children.

- Your full name

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