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Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Kogda-to - even in the fifties - Joy Valderrama was the main beautiful Temple University (Temple University). This exotic beauty has Originally from Hawaii (Hawaii); in addition to the exterior, it could boast of some good success in tennis and swimming.

Shortly after graduation, Joey met with George Abbott - at that time he led a group of Broadway actors and has already become famous as an outstanding director and screenwriter. Met Valderrama and Abbott in Philadelphia - where George worked on the musical Fiorello `` ( `Fiorello`). Another sister Joy was an inveterate theater-goer; at night party to celebrate the opening of the season Valderrama and met her future husband. At the time, Abbott had a reputation as a person of strict, severe; nobody even dared to think about how to address him by name - solely `Mr. Ebbot`, no options. Reverence is, though flattered by the producer, after hours could not be annoying. When George came out to the people `` with Prince Hal (Hal Prince), he always insisted that he was not called `` Mr.

As she tells Joey, upon closer inspection, Abbott was surprisingly gentle, sincere person. His gray-blue eyes and athletic body, a clear sign that the sport George knew firsthand, forever sunk into the soul of an actress; she herself is rumored to have won him a hint of Asia, through to her appearance.

The age difference - and at the moment they met Abbot was 72 years old - did not prevent Joy and George come together - Valderrama was just still, and Abbott loved to communicate with young people. `24 They met, and then - in 1983 - successfully married. Immediately after the wedding, Joy automatically become a great-grandmother - one of the granddaughters George had already by that time to have a baby.

Career George walked up the hill - the actors have always known that his advice can and should be trusted. Directions Abbott`s always been incredible precision and clarity.

Joy and George spent much time with another Abbott, Hal Prince; One time they even went on a double date - with Hal and his girlfriend, Judy Chaplin (Judy Chaplin) - incidentally, the daughter of the famous poet-pesennnika Saul Chaplin (Saul Chaplin). George, the stories of Joy, knew a lot about dating - it was a good lunch and liked how to dance.

Opportunity to use her husband to get a good role on Broadway or in movies Valderrama never tried. Unfortunately, even the forces of George might not be enough - `` oriental beauty while a special success with the public is not used, so that to qualify Joy was not maleyshegoshansa. She, however, did not waste time in vain, plunged headlong into the fashion business. Valderrama led several boutiques - Philadelphia (Philadelphia) and Cherry Hill (Cherry Hill); We called her boutiques `Moana` s `. In addition, Valderrama suit their own fashion shows.

In 1995, Abbott died - at that time he was already 107 years old. Even in the last years of his life he did not lose its iron grip - his wife told me that just before his death, he continued to dictate the revived version of the script `Pajama Game`.

February 13th, 2001, at the Musical Theatre Prince (Prince Music Theater) was a unique evening in memory of the producer - has organized his Joy, together with a star of Broadway musicals Davis Gaines (Davis Gaines). Setting `You` ve Gotta Have Heart `was devoted not only to Abbott, but also his friend and protege Harold Prins (Harold Prince).