Jovanny Cabot

Picture of Jovanny Cabot

Date of Birth: 1450

Age: 49

Place of birth: Genova

Citizenship: Italy


Italian navigator. R. Genoa (Italy). OK. 1490 emigrated to England.

In 1496 he received a patent from the King of England for the right to sail under the British flag for the purpose of discovery and study of new lands.

In 1497 he sailed from Bristol in the west, intending to find a sea route to China. At the end of June it reached a cold and lonely, obviously, the Labrador Peninsula or. Newfoundland. It was the first since the time of the Normans significant visit by Europeans of the North American continent (Cabot himself believed that he had found the way to East Asia, but it had gone too far to the north).

Returning, he discovered rich fish the Grand Banks. He drew a map of his voyage, but it has not survived. In 1498 again an expedition to the west. Information on this voyage are extremely scarce. It is known that the expedition reached the North American continent and has passed along its east coast, possibly to Florida Peninsula.

On the way back to England, the ship on which sailed Cabot, was missing. Expedition Leaders passed to his son S. Work. [238] and may have reached the Hudson Bay. He was invited to Spain as chief helmsman and in 1526 - 1530 led the largest Spanish expedition to the shores of South America. He reached the mouth of the river. La Plata and on the rivers Parana and Paraguay penetrated inland.

Again returning to the service of the English king, he has been appointed chief superintendent of the Navy Department. He became one of the founders of the British Navy. The initiator of the first attempts to achieve China through the Northeast sea passage around Asia.

One of these expeditions (led by R. Chancellor) had reached the mouth of the Northern Dvina River in Arkhangelsk region. Hence, by land Chancellor went to Moscow, where in 1553 signed a commercial treaty between England and Russia. C. Cabot, like his father, was a great mathematician.

In 1544 in Seville, he was widely known at the time of the world map.