Jovanni Veraccano

Picture of Jovanni Veraccano

Date of Birth: 1485

Age: 43

Place of birth: Florence

Citizenship: Italy


Giovanni de Veratsdano was a native of Florence and was born not in 1480-m, then in 1485. He traveled extensively and eventually settled in France.

There is speculation that Veratstsano and the famous French pirate Jean Florin (Fleury), attacked merchant ships plying between Spain and its colonies, one and the same person. In 1523 Florin robbed a Spanish ship, treasure vezshy Spanish emperor, in turn stolen Cortez in Mexico.

If Verrazano and Florin really one and the same person, then this attack explains where he got the money to the next year went in search of China`s fleet of four ships. Vessels caught in a storm, were damaged and had to return to the coast of Brittany. After repairing ships Veratstsano one of them I went first on the island of Madeira, and then further to the west. Fleeing from the storm, he leaned to the north of its course, and came to America`s shores about 34