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American actor, best known for Crete role in the TV series ` Dark Angel` (`Dark Angel`).We have a younger brother of the famous actress Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba).

Joshua was born in Biloxi, Mississippi (Biloxi, Mississippi), in the family of Mark Alba (Mark Alba) and his wife Catherine (Catherine). Katherine Alba Dane is on the father and French- Canadian girl at his mother`s side ; Mark Alba veins flows a considerable fraction of Mexican blood.It is interesting that with all this, as Marc and Catherine were born in California. They married quite early ; their children - Joshua and his sister Jessica - a childhood surrounded by military pilots. As the promotion of Mark Alba through the ranks in the Air Force regularly his family moved from place to place - at first they lived in Biloxi, then Del RioTexas (Del Rio, Texas). Ultimately, Alba still managed to get a permanent home, and finally settled in California.

Even before the actor`s activities Joshua made a living as a model - two and a half years he worked under the auspices of the `Next Modeling Agency`. During this time, he managed to play for Alba `Sketchers`,`Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Shows` and magazine ` Teen Magazine`. Moreover, while he earned a living as a rieltora.imatsya Joshua began in 18 years - it was then that it took on the role of Crete in the final episode of the first season of the sci-fi TV series ` Dark Angel` (in which the main role played by his older sister). After filming Alba came to the conclusion that he finally found his true calling, and - for a start - went to acting classes.

Then there were two more television roles - home in one of the episodes of the series ` Women brigada` (`The Division`) and a cameo in` Defective detektiv` (` Monk`).To make the way to the big screens of Alba only succeeded in 2006 in the film ` Alpha dog` (`Alpha Dog`); a small role in the film is by no means was the last film credits Joshua - since then he had to withdraw in the paintings ` Killing mertvetsov` (`The Dead Undead`),` I Am Somebody: No Chance In Hell`, ` Here and seychas` (` Now Here`), ` Gieny` (` Hyenas`),` Heavenly forsazh` (` Kill Speed`) and `Creative Differences`. One of his roles Alba played a computer game - his voice expressed himself Theft Auto Zack Mayo (Zack Maio) from another part of the popular racing series `Need for Speed: Undercover`.

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