Joseph Weinvurm

Picture of Joseph Weinvurm

Date of Birth: 09/16/1930

Age: 86

Place of birth: Haugsdorf

Citizenship: Austria


DEATH young ballerina

Vein. August 6, 1963.

Widow of sixty-five Emma Lash at 16.50 returning home from the pharmacy. She stopped in front of the front door, opened her purse and began to search for the key. Suddenly a hand clamped over her mouth. That someone was holding her from behind, squeezing her hands like pincers. She tried to wriggle out and saw a stranger - the guy with the big sunken eyes, a high forehead and thinning curly brown hair.

He demanded money and then pulled the plug, which set over the neck of his victim. Despite the shock situation, the widow remembered that the assailant was soaked with sweat, and he smelled unpleasant. But most of all a woman enraged that he assaulted her in the glass porch of her own home in broad daylight. This angered her. She swung, knocked from his hand fork and demanded that he leave. He pushed the woman, she dropped to her knees and broke them, and he ran away. The widow ran after him, noticing how he hid in the house opposite, where two exits were. The offender hoped to escape through a nearby entrance to the side of the underground parking lot. However, the old lady was clever and he guessed the trick.

Emma Lash asked to call the nearest police officer and when he appeared, quickly explained to him what had happened. Police went to the house, ran up the stairs, and a moment later reappeared at the bottom of a sweaty young man.

Immediately determine whether this young man attacked her, the widow could not, and so I asked him to say something such as: "Goni money." The boy would not like to say this, to twist, shifted from one foot to the other, and the woman became clear that it was not clean with him. Approximately found on the sixth floor of a fork. But the lady was questioned - attacked her was wearing a sweater and arrested a young man - a shirt. Soon, however, all doubts were dispelled: Laysan sweater on the top floor on the stairs near the attic.

The detainee was such an unusual way guy named Joseph Vaynvurm. During the investigation it became clear that this is not just a small bully or a robber; He has appeared on the brutal murder of a little girl and a series of attacks. In the history of the Austrian forensics he came as "a murderer from the theater", horrifies the entire vein.

Born Yoeef Vayyvurm September 16, 1930 in Haugsdorf in Lower Austria. Parents have been very difficult with him, he was one of those who are called difficult children. During the war, Joseph attended primary school, but poorly studied. After 1945, his parents moved to Vienna, where he opened a small general store. As a teenager, Joseph realized that the easiest way to get money theft. In March 1947, when his father sent him to the grocery cards to control where they should give, he sold the card and the money left himself.

One day, walking down the corridor Vaynvurm agricultural school and I noticed 17-year-old student, going to the bathroom. Carefully making his way behind her, he sent her a gun and demanded: "Undress!". She knocked from his hand gun and fled, calling for help. Joseph was frightened and took to their heels, but the school watchman caught him.

The case was set in motion, he was convicted, however, taking into account the youth, do not go to jail. Sentenced to four years probation, but was sent for examination at a psychiatric clinic.

Court expert wrote in the conclusion that "the real subject of the mentally unbalanced, is on the verge of psychosis. Impulsive, they occasionally take possession of irresistible desire, changing enlightened consciousness, he is critical of his actions and even condemns them. It is fully capable to take responsibility for their action, but his mental state can be considered a mitigating circumstance. "

Immoral aspect of his offense was not marked, so in the future when the investigation of the mass murderers he did not get into the list of suspects. And in vain, because as the experience of the court psychologists, there is a strong likelihood that a young person with mental disorder is able to commit further crimes against morality. Mentally unbalanced, Joseph Vaynvurm after the trial was in the depressed state.

He bought a new gun and deliberately shot himself in the hand. But it did not help him get rid of the morbid hatred of women, on the contrary, it has become even greater. In his moral fall and crimes he accused women. And revenge for that.

On a clear frosty day January 22, 1949 when an attempted robbery hairdresser Joseph Vaynvurm was again detained. In the attack he had appointed to a woman`s breasts long stationery scissors. But this time, escaped punishment. The prosecutor again demanded to send him for an examination in a psychiatric hospital, where it was found that the mentally ill and in need of treatment in the clinic.

After Vaynvurma survey was sent to a mental hospital "Am Steinhof", which he left after a year. The police record, he was not registered as a person who has committed a crime against morality, marked only the petty theft.

Some time Vaynvurm lived a normal life, but in January 1953 he was in the cell, because he was detained when attempted robbery theatrical wardrobe. He again appeared before the court and once again was made of his examination in a psychiatric clinic.

This time, the court recognized his doctors not to psychopath socially dangerous tendencies and pathological criminal whose crimes became commonplace.

For this crime Josef Vaynvurma sentenced to four years in prison with strict regime. He seemed to have repented of having committed crimes, some behaved, and he was released early. But November 22, 1955 he was again arrested and sentenced for four more years of imprisonment with a strict regime. At this time, Joseph was released March 11, 1961, but a month later was again detained for theft. The crime was a minor, but he was sentenced to eighteen months` imprisonment with a strict regime and sent to forced labor in Gollersdorf, where he stayed until March 5, 1963.

After his release, Joseph began a series of attacks on women in Vienna, and opened it a terrible murder in Vienna`s famous theater.

March 12, 1963 gave Wagner`s opera "The Valkyrie". Before the performance artists and theater employees have been in place in the seventeen, despite the fact that the representation of eighteen started.

Twenty-two Gertrud Gross in 17.05, already dressed in a white smock, - she was responsible for hair and wigs actors - was to clean up the women`s shower room, located in a side wing of the building.

She opened the door to the shower and on the floor she saw the girl`s body. And a lot of blood ... From the corridor dropped enough light to see it without turning on the light. When he came to, she called theatrical fireman, which led and physician.

The doctor found that the 11-year-old girl with a terrible stab wounds in the left chest and abdomen, is dead. She was a pupil of the children`s ballet troupe.

Artists already prepared in the dressing room, the musicians have settled in their places, and chief conductor Herbert von Karajan put on a suit, when the police had blocked the coming quarters, and experts from the Homicide put up security near the scene. Showers were on the second floor of the building, which had no windows, they can be approached only from the central staircase, which led to the fourth floor, as well as through the emergency exit, separated from the corridor by a door-spinner of opaque glass.

Girl lying on her back in a pool of blood, his legs were partially under a wooden bench. To her left lay a blue woolen blouse on a hanger hanging gray-green plaid winter coat and multicolored woolen scarf.

Police found in his pocket the key from her and bus ticket. They saw her bag, but found nothing substantial. Several chocolates, handkerchief, woolen mittens, receipt and programm performance.

This murder caused panic among the Viennese. Local authorities are required to speed up the investigation, but the police has not yet progressed far. They did not have any clue. The building at the time of the murder was a lot of theater workers, and then filled the theater two thousand spectators. If you were left some trace, then after the audience out of the theater to find them was impossible.

Police knew almost exactly the time when Dagmar Furih, namely the so called dead girl, left the house and went to the bus stop. Furih had come to the Karntnerstra?e around 16.31, the killer she could meet about revolving doors somewhere in 16.38. That was all.

Forensic doctor found that an instrument of murder served as a stiletto or knife width of about 14 mm and a length of at least 12 cm. Taking into consideration the force with which seventeen stab wounds were inflicted, he came to the conclusion that it was not a folding knife and dagger firmly fixed blade.

Child Murder agitated public opinion. The newspapers began to appear more and more sharp articles that criticized the police helplessness. The excitement grew. Police checked fourteen thousand suspicious men, who moved known sadists, rapists, sexual predators, known as "voyeur" - the mentally ill, exposed in public places ...

But all efforts were in vain. Could not find a single trace. However, the experts agreed on one thing: the murderer Dagmar Furih was crazy, sexually deranged criminal, that is absent in any kind of motive was murder... It is more than likely that this offender will repeat its atrocity. It could not prevent neither the police nor the Vienna community.

And so it happened. June 17, 1963 two girlfriends Studio ntki went to the theater of continuous session, is located on Vienna`s Am Graben area. When they entered the dark room, Waltraud Engelmayer felt a strong blow in the small of the back. She quickly turned around and saw the silhouette of a man hurrying toward the exit. Students sat on the empty seats. Waltraud touched her waist and felt that bleeds. Her friend called the ticket collector, who called an ambulance. At the hospital, it was found out that she had a deep stab wound in the lumbar region. The wounded could not help the police to describe the offender as entered with solar street in a dark cinema hall.

In the attack at the cinema and murder of a young ballerina had a lot in common, and this was noted by the police: the senselessness, the absence of any motive. And in the first and in the second case the offender has disappeared without a trace.

The next attack of the same kind was carried out shortly after that the American student at Virginia Schiff, who traveled during the holidays in European countries. She entered the Augustinian church on Avgustinshtrasse and sat down on one of the back benches. From the right of the main altar to the unknown it jumped, grabbed her chest, then punched in the face just above his right eye, then pulled out a knife. and several times hit. She called for help, and this is likely to have saved her life, as the attacker took to their heels.

American student was able to describe the attacker: an increase of about 178 cm, it is somewhere in the 28-30 years old, slim, close-cropped blond hair, tanned face.

August 2 there was another crime. At this time the victim was a saleswoman tobacco kiosk Maria Brunner forty-one years. She was walking home from work and on the road stayed in the city park, sat on a bench near the monument of Johann Strauss. It was a beautiful warm evening and sit under the trees was a pleasure. Suddenly she felt a stab in the back. At first she thought that it was a ball, got up to go home, but one woman said that she is bleeding, and pointed to the guy who hit her. He was in a hurry to leave the park.

According to the description of Mary Brunner offender was about 25 years old and his height was about 172 cm. Slim, with dark hair combed back in a green shirt, dark suit and light tie, he looked like a student.

Saleswoman tobacco kiosk Maria Brunner was taken to hospital, where doctors discovered she had vosemnadtsatisantimetrovuyu puncture wound.

Next it was the above-described attack on widow, showed so much courage and ingenuity and contribute to apprehend the offender.

We know that is not enough to arrest the killer, you need to prove his guilt. The older Commissioner Kroner had a well-founded suspicion that Vaynvurm is the very killer of theater. However, it was necessary to obtain recognition of a suspect in a crime.

The suspect showed indications protocols victims identified him and again stressed that the confession is a mitigating factor for the court. But Joseph went on to say that has nothing to do with the murder, on anybody did not attack either in the theater or in the church of St. Augustine.

- Your case, Vaynvurm - shrugged senior commissioner. - I gave you a final opportunity to ease your conscience. You can not lie forever. Once the severity of your crime will crush you.

The offender broke down and two weeks. On Tuesday, August 27, he said. His eyes were running, his hands shaking, his forehead was covered with sweat.

On that day he was going to the city. Every day he went into the city. Most liked to walk the streets of the First District. Approached Kertnershtrasee, to the theater. I saw that many people in the theater entrance and exits. He joined a group of some men and entered the building. Inside wandered, he watched as it looks. He stayed there for two hours. And shortly before six he found himself in a place where it happened then.

In the morning, he felt out of place, haunted by a strange feeling. Before getting into the theater, I drank white wine. It was a feeling that just about anything will happen. I felt the excitement, tremors occurred. Not for what he could not concentrate. And he was filled with rage that he could not decide on anything.

He fiercely hated women. And in the theater now and then we come across to meet women. For the most part, they immediately hid behind some doors and entered the elevator. Then he went down the stairs. There he met some woman, and followed her to the third floor. She came in for a room, and he took out a knife and a good ten minutes waiting for her. She did not come out. Then he returned to the corridor through which the girl was. She headed for her. I asked where she was going.

The girl greeted, made a small nod and replied that goes to ballet class. At the rehearsal. Joseph said that he is there, but the rehearsal will be elsewhere. He suggested her to go with him, promising to show where there are classes. And I took her to the shower. The girl still seemed strange that her conduct was in the shower. She wanted to leave. But it was too late. Maniac demanded that she undressed. The girl refused. Then he punched her, she came off the wall and fell. I began to call for help. Joseph first strangled the girl, then drew his dagger and struck it to them a few times, as if opoloumev. Then he jumped out of the shower, quickly came down and went through a side entrance to the Karntnerstrasse.

After telling everything he smiled. I wanted to get rid of all cargo at once. Asked if he regretted that he had committed such a terrible crime, Joseph Vaynvurm said:

- Yes. I`m sorry. But I could not do otherwise.

He is convinced that it is not to blame, but the blame lies on the conscience of those who prematurely released him from prison.

He said:

- You`ll have to make me out feet first camera, or I shall begin again the old. Remember this, Mr. Commissioner - feet first!

The offender was brought before the Court of 6 April 1964. Experts debated about his mental state, to decide whether he is able to answer for their actions. Finally they came to the conclusion that he can, t. To. Is sexually perverted pathological criminal, but in no way are not mentally ill.

The court sentenced him to life imprisonment with a strict regime and Vaynvurm agreed with the punishment. Present even thought that he was relieved.

Source: The most dangerous maniacs