Joseph Bannister

Picture of Joseph Bannister

Citizenship: United Kingdom

French corsair

Probably pirate Bannister persuaded to become the de Grammont, promising to give him a letter of marque. But the governor of Petit-Goave refused to issue the document, and Corsair went to plunder the Spaniards without permits. For a while he cruised along de Grammont off the coast of Cuba, but after went to the Cayman Islands to replenish the food. Here he and most of his crew were captured two military sloops Ruby and Bonnet and transferred to Port Royal.

At the trial against Bannister raised accusations of piracy, but the Spanish persuaded witnesses not to testify. The court delivered a verdict of acquittal, but the governor of Jamaica insisted on the prosecution and asked to consider this matter at a special tribunal. Bannister decided not to wait for a guilty verdict, and on the night of 11 on February 12, 1685 fled to a 30-gun ship of the Golden Fleece (Golden Fleece).

By joining the squadron deGrammona, Bannister proceeded to the island of Pines, near Panama. Here he again met Ruby warship bound for Cartagena. To avoid collision with the warship Bannister went to the trick. When Captain Ruby asked why the English ship is under the French flag, the pirates have shown evidence of the purchase that the Golden Fleece allegedly sold a French captain, and Captain Bannister waiting when he will be paid the full amount.

From there corsairs went to the port of San Francisco de Campeche, which Flotilla de Grammont captured and plundered almost two months. But as the campaign to Grammont did not bring big profits Bannister with de Graff, Pierre Bar (Breha) and others decided to go on their own, and at this point came to the ships of the Armada de Barlovento. Fortunately, Bannister vehicle to avoid a collision with the military and successfully reached the Cape Catoche. On the north shore of Jamaica filibusters made careening their ships, and left before the arrival of Ruby, sent in pursuit of the pirates.

Arriving in Petit-Goave, Bannister once again quarreled with the French Governor de Cussy and went to the next gathering of piracy to your island. Here he made an agreement with the French corsair Lagarde, also did not have any privateering documents, the robbery of all vessels, without distinction based on nationality. After successful joint action to capture Bannister and his companion were sent to the French frigate La Syubtil, which met in the course of searching for the English fleet was engaged in search of pirates. But the search has not yielded any results.

In the spring of 1686 it became known that the court Bannister Lagarde and repair in Samana Bay, on the island of Hispaniola. On the capture of pirates two warships were sent from Port Royal. After reaching the Gulf of Samana warships opened artilleriyskiyogon and a half days of active fire almost destroyed the Golden Fleece, but a landing was not possible, because the pirates were shot with a gun battery, built on the bay, but also for a long siege by the ships did not have sufficient reserves of provisions, when powder and kernel over, warships returned to Port Royal.

The Golden Fleece was not subject to rehabilitation, and Bannister moved to the Dutch ship St. Nicholas, also in the Gulf of heel. Within a few months, Joseph Bannister was hiding in Honduras among the tribe of Indians, mosquitoes and engaged in pirate incursions by other names.

Jamaican Governor sent a sloop of war Drake to capture filibuster. Spregg Captain has the authority to seize pirate and execute in case of resistance. In February 1687 Drake returned to Port Royal, and on the yardarm dangling bodies of four pirates were hanged, Bannister and his three accomplices.