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One of the leaders of the United States of organized crime, the leader of the Chicago mob and enemy of Al Capone. Lucky Luciano put an end to the influence of the gang " Mustached Pete " in New York, creating a new mafia in the new syndicated multi-national basis ; Al Capone did the same thing in Chicago by removing from the scene Aiello family - especially Joe Aiello, who is often called the mafia mayor. Aiello was born in Castellammare and took the side of Salvatore Maranzano in the great war of the New York mafia against the prevailing forces then Joe the Boss Masseria. Aiello faithfully gave Maranzano forces of US $ 5,000 per week in the military fund. According to the informant Joe Valachi, which meant that Capone supported Masseria and whatWhat happened to Aiello, it was destined to the Chicago mafia wars.

In the fight Aiello and Capone for dominance, Aiello and his brothers, Dominic, Antonio and Andrew, were fighting hard and colluded with other enemies of the Capone gang especially North Side O`Benionami who were at that time under the rule of Bugs Moran. Aiello brought Kills campaign against Capone, to an unprecedented glow ; Once he tried to persuade the chef`s favorite restaurant Capone, whose owner was a diamond Joe Esposito, "Bella Napoli Cafe " pour him of prussic acid in the minestrone soup. He raised the fee for this service from 10 000 to 35 000 dollars,but astute chef realized that if a fatal recipe served its purpose, it will not have time to use the money. He reported about the conspiracy poisoning the Big Alu. Frustrated Aiello immediately put out the word that anyone who kills Capone, will receive 50 000 dollars. These hostile machinations tired Capone and strengthened his determination to give Aiello " on merit ".

Evening of 23 October Aiello came out of his luxury apartment in a luxury building on the West Side, on North Avenue Colmar, right in the crossfire and two sawn-off rifles Thompson. From riddled corpse was recovered 59 bullets weighing more than a pound.

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