Joseop Borell

Picture of Joseop Borell

Place of birth: Catalonia

Citizenship: Spain


Spanish Socialist Josep Borrell (57) was elected Chairman of the European Parliament. For him, 388 votes in favor. In total, the new parliament - 732 deputies. By the way, Borrell became the first MEP. Before the vote, the two largest factions in the Parliament - the European People`s Party and European Socialist Party - have agreed to under the term presidency of the two halves. After 2.5 years of socialist Borrell to replace the leader of the EPP German Hans-Gert Pottering, MEP since 1979.

Since Borrell was born in Catalonia, its name in Catalan sounds like Josep. Josep - is a Spanish reading. After graduating with honors from high school, he enrolled at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, received an engineering degree. Trained in the United States and France, he defended his doctoral dissertation. He worked in a number of private kompaniy.Posle Socialist victory in elections in 1982 became Secretary of State in the Ministry of Finance. In 1991 he was appointed Minister of Development. This position was held until the arrival to power of the conservative People`s Party. Five times elected a member of parliament.

Divorced, he has two de-children.