Josefina Vazquez Mota

Picture of Josefina Vazquez Mota

Date of Birth: 01/20/1961

Age: 55

Place of birth: Mexico City

Citizenship: Mexico


Vazquez Mota received economic education and began his career in the family business. It cooperates with many companies and enterprises, as well as writing books and engaged in journalism. Political career Vazquez Mota started under the auspices of the National Action Party in the House of Mexican MPs - the Union of Mexico Congress (Congreso de la Uni & # 243; n), - and then continued in the administration of President Vicente Fox (Vicente Foh) and Felipe Calderon (Felipe Calder & # 243; n).

Vazquez Mota became the first female presidential candidate from the PAN and the first female presidential candidate from a major political party in the history of Mexico.

Josefina Vazquez Mota was born January 20, 1961 in Mexico City (Mexico City). Her parents, Arnulfo Mota (Arnulfo V & # 225; zquez) and Josefina Mota (Josefina Mota), a native of Sierra Norte de Puebla (Sierra Norte de Puebla), one of the most mountainous regions of Mexico (Mexico). She grew up in a large family, her seven brothers and sisters. The first five years of his life Vazquez Mota lived in a working-class neighborhood called Colonia 20 de Noviembre in Mexico City and went to public school La Patria es Primero near Askapottsalko (Azcapotzalco). Her father, however, wanted to Josefina went to school for girls, and even pre-paid year of study. In high school, Josefina persuaded parents to allow her to pass the entrance exams to vocational school, associated with the National Polytechnic Institute (Instituto Polit & # 233; cnico Nacional). Josefina studied well and had a penchant for mathematics. Then she became a student of the private Ibero-American University (Universidad Iberoamericana), graduating with a degree in economics. In addition, she held management courses at IPADE, Pan American University Business School (Instituto Panamericano de Alta Direcci & # 243; n de Empresa), and the program of the floor called `Ideas e Instituciones` in the independent technology Mexico Institute (Instituto Tecnol & # 243; gico Aut & # 243; nomo de M & # 233; xico).

With her husband, Sergio Ocampo Munoz (Sergio Ocampo Mu & # 241; oz), a specialist in computer technologies, Josefina met at school, and in 1984, after seven years of relationship, they married. They have three children - Maria Jose (Mar & # 237; a Jos & # 233;), Cecilia Maria (Celia Mar & # 237; a) and Montserrat (Montserrat).

Vazquez Mota - beautiful woman and looks good, but adheres to a strict diet and exercise, leading to rumors that Josefina suffering eating disorders, bulimia or anorexia, but she denies it.

Vazquez Mota began to participate in economic conferences, thanks to a friend of her father from the Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City (C & # 225; mara de Comercio de la Ciudad de Mexico), and since then its associated partnerships with various organizations, conferences and other events in all corners light, but very often - in Latin America (Latin America). She has collaborated with organizations such as the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce (Confederaci & # 243; n de C & # 225; maras Nacionales de Comercio), the Tourism Office (Servicios y Turismo) and the Confederation of the Republic of Mexico Entrepreneurs (Confederaci & # 243; n Patronal de la Rep & # 250; blica M & # 233; xicana). During the years of her career, she has performed and as an economic journalist writing for `Novedades de M & # 233; xico`,` El Financiero` and `El Economista`. In the 80s Josefina and her family moved to Chihuahua (Chihuahua), to control the number of family-owned businesses, including children`s clothing store.

She has published two books, `& # 161; Dios M & # 237; o! H & # 225; zme viuda por favor` (.! God letters `` Make me a widow!), Self-help books, has sold over 400 000 copies, and `Nuestra oportunidad. Un M & # 233; xico para todos` (the letters `Our ability to Mexico vseh`..), Which is a dialogue with two dozens of international leaders. Also, Vazquez Mota preparing business show for the `TV Azteca`.