Josef Wagner

Picture of Josef Wagner

Date of Birth: 01/12/1899

Age: 46

Citizenship: Germany


In August 1919 he returned to Germany. Prior to October 1920 - the military service, in 1921 served as a financial institution in Fulda. In 1921-27 on the trade union work, a journalist. Since 1922 member of the NSDAP (membership card number 1695). In 1923 he created ortsgruppu in Bochum, 05.20.1928 With the Reichstag deputy from South Westphalia District From 10/01/1928 Gauleiter of Westphalia (Ruhr), the separation into two 01.01.1931 gow became Gauleiter of South Westphalia. In 1930 he created the newspaper "Vestfalienvaht", founded in 1932 in Westphalia Higher Party School. On 09.01.1933 the Prussian State Counselor. In January 1935, remaining Gauleiter of South Westphalia, at the same time and became Gauleiter of Silesia. On 06/12/1935 oberprezident Upper and Lower Silesia. On 29.10.1936 the Imperial Commissioner for empire-building and authorized the Office four-year plan. From 01.09. 1939 Imperial Commissioner of Defense of the 8th Military Region. In 1940 he received the rank of Secretary of State in the imperial government. Delivered supporter of Adolf Hitler replace another figure, condemned the policy of conquest, carried out by Hitler in Europe. He opposes the strengthening of the role of M. Bormann in the party and hindered the adoption of drastic measures against the church on the territory of the Gau. Bormann Wagner put forward against the charge that he allowed children to attend church, and forbade pregnant daughter to marry an atheist SS member. Wagner applied to the Supreme Court and the party was justified. 09/01/1941 oberprezidenta removed from his post and Gauleiter of Silesia, and 09.11,1941 and fasting Gauleiter of South Westphalia. 06.02.1943 by a decision of the highest court of the party expelled from the party. 21/10/1943 arrested by the Gestapo. After the July 1944 conspiracy involved in the investigation. He was executed by the Gestapo.