Jose Berardo

Picture of Jose Berardo

Date of Birth: 1944

Age: 71

Place of birth: a. Madeira

Citizenship: Portugal


The well-known Portuguese figure, a famous billionaire and art collector. His net worth is estimated at approximately $ 1.8 billion (according to the economic publication Forbes, the billionaire is placed in ranking of the most influential and wealthy people of the planet).

Jose Berardo was born in 1944, the year on the island of Madeira in Portugal in the family is extremely modest means. He was the seventh child. When Jose was thirteen years old, he left school and went to work (if low-paid) to one of the wineries - Madeira Wine - for the production of famous wines.

At the age of eighteen years the future billionaire went to South Africa, where he worked in horticulture. After some time, Jose has created a small company Egoli Consolidated Mines Ltd, which is the end of the twentieth century has become one of the most profitable and popular. The very same Jose Berardo at the time was the well-known entrepreneur, extracting minerals, including - diamonds.

In 1986, he returned to Portugal Berardo and continued its own activities. Now in its possession there are many companies which are involved in various activities - such as hospitality, tabakoproizvodstvo, manufacture of food products, livestock, wine, banking, telecommunications and many other areas.

Currently, Jose Berardo is the owner of the famous Portuguese company for the production of amazing wine - Quinta de Bacalhoa. In addition, the billionaire owns a substantial part of Sogrape, one of the largest distributors of the wine country.

A special place in the life of Berardo takes art. He had been collecting various - very famous - works of art. In accordance with the government decision, a special fund that supports the collection Berardo - Fundacao de Arte Moderna e Contemporanea - Coleccao Berardo, the value of which exceeds 360 million euros.

The total amount of finance involved in the turnover of enterprises Jose Berardo is approximately 1.9 billion euros, including banking and telecommunications companies, and - share of the Sogrape.