Jos Balmaceda

Picture of Jos Balmaceda

Date of Birth: 07/19/1840

Age: 51

Place of birth: Santo Domingo

Citizenship: Chile


Born July 19, 1840 in Santiago in an aristocratic family, he studied at the Metropolitan Seminary. Political career began in 1864 as a secretary, Manuel Montt, statesman, and then the president of Chile in 1851-1861. In 1881-1886 under President Domingo Santa Maria Balmaceda served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Interior and promoted the adoption of a number of liberal laws such as a law allowing civil marriage. In 1886 he won the presidential elections, the candidate of the Radical bloc, the Liberal and National parties. After the victory over Chile, Peru and Bolivia in the War of the Pacific 1879- 18 84 country withdrew large areas with rich deposits of saltpeter. Revenues from Balmaceda put them vobrazovatelnuyu, financial, labor reform, as well as in the construction of new schools and hospitals. He preached the new ideals in politics and sought to unite all liberal forces in a single party. Efforts are being made to ensure the independence of the judiciary and the democratization of the army. When Parliament began to put pressure on the president, Balmaceda refused to obey him, and took the reins in their hands. The differences between the legislative and executive authorities in 1891 resulted in the 8-month civil war. When the Chilean navy made on the side of Parliament and was created junta Balmaceda realized that was defeated, and fled to the territory of the Argentine Embassy. Balmaceda Died September 18, 1891.