Jordan Siu-chun

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Date of Birth: 08/07/1967

Age: 49

Place of birth: Hong Kong

Citizenship: Hong Kong


Carier start

Jordan Chan was born in 1967 in Hong Kong. From childhood he was fond of music and dancing. In 1985, a young man entered the dance courses at the TVB channel. Shortly after the release of Jordan Chan began working in dance groups who performed at concerts in the pop artists. He has worked with such popular Asian artists such as Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui.

Energetic guy noticed Hui Yuen, founder and owner of the company engaged in the dance troupe, and invited him to become a member of the Wind, Fire and Ocean, which also sang Jason Chu Michael Tse (later the three of them starring together in "Young and Dangerous"). Jordan accepted the invitation, and after a while began a solo career in music and

In subsequent years, Jordan Chan, as a musician, made a significant contribution to the development of pop music Cantopop, bringing in her motives hip-hop. After releasing his first album in 2002, and he now continues rapping and uses elements of hip-hop in his work.

By the way, their "dance" during the actor was known as Donald and Calvin, and the name of Jordan, he chose later in honor of his favorite basketball player Michael Jordan.


In the movie, Jordan Chan debuted in 1994, creating a vivid image of blockhead named Po in the film "Twenty Something". This work was awarded the prize of the Hong Kong Film Award

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