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Military photographer Jonathan Alpeyre, representing the New York photo agency `Polaris`, in 2004, began work on his unusual project. He set himself the goal fails to find and capture as much as possible participants in the Second World War.

Total Alpeyre involved in a photo project 202 veterans living in 59 different countries. These participants in the bloodiest of the war with their own hands created history by helping to restore calm and peace. That is why Alpeyre wanted to pay tribute to those to whom he owes his future without the Nazi regime.

First Alpeyre, being a resident of Santa Barbara, USA (Santa Barbara, United States), pictures of American veterans only.Then came to him the idea to expand the project and refill lists veterans of European countries. His research has enabled Jonathan to find and persuade to shoot members of the World UK (United Kingdom), Armenia (Armenia), Czech Republic (Czech Republic), France (France), and others. Countries.

By 2007-th staff photographer `Polaris` expressed interest to the participants of military action from the former countries of the Nazi unit. He met with members of the Waffen SS (Waffen-SS), which is practically not possible to make anyone, and when he met with the British and Americans, who fought on the side of the SS. It was more difficult to establish bridges with the Slovenians and Belgians ,who with other volunteers during the war they opposed the Russian soldiers, but it was Alpeyre strength.

On the territory of Zagreb, Croatia (Zagreb, Croatia), the photographer managed to capture the last survivors of the Ustasha, the Croatian member of the nationalist movement. It is known that at the present time, the Ustasha units were veterans, becauseduring the war destroyed almost all their partisans, communist Tito (Tito) in obscure Blyayburgskoy slaughterhouse (Bljajburgska masakra).

In his book Alpeyre veterans is quiet, calmly staring into the lens, sometimes with orders and in uniform, with a photo album of war in the hands. It is difficult to imagine that when-these elderly people were allowed to bear arms, slept in the trenches, and recovering from wounds in the front-line hospitals. Someone is likely to condemn some veterans who fought ` not under those znamenami`, but Jonathan himself says that it is difficult to criticize someone after so many years. He was not sure whose side have taken the modern man ,if he had to be in such circumstances, which many years ago was caught by surprise many of today`s veterans.

While working on his project, Alpeyre not fond of collecting information that would highlight differences of his heroes from around the world. On the contrary, he found common ground, be it courage, valor ,patriotism and even fear - all that unites veterans of World War II to the present day.

Some Alpeyre persuaded him to take part in a photo project for over a year, without the help of embassies and veterans associations. Part of the works presented Jonathan as a composition of two halves. The photographs in the form of a diptych veteranswho during the war fought against each other, they have been turned face to face. In addition to photos, Alpeyre personally talked to each veteran and collected interviews will be included in his new book.

His first photo essay Alpeyre made in 2001, during a trip on the South Caucasus (South Caucasus).To date, the photographer has visited about 25 countries, covering the events in nine conflict zones. For the most part, Jonathan described the conflicts in the South Caucasus, East Africa (East Africa), the Middle East (Middle East) and Central Asia (Asia).

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