Jonatan Brasson-race

Picture of Jonatan Brasson-race


This man - a man certainly unusual - today is in prison.

To list his talents - a pleasure. Cook, a philosopher, an inventor, an art dealer, scholar and Egyptologist but just beautiful. His name - Brasson Jonathan Reis. Last fictional. The surname of his father, he had no desire to wear, as well as the name of his stepfather. And he and the other little boy corresponded views on how to be a father. Brasson - called his mother, when she was little, and flight - the name of one of his numerous mistresses.

When he was studying at Cambridge, from him were crazy not only all girls Cambridge, but many teachers. With its exquisite beauty, it begins to look for jobs (and very successful) as a model. In philosophy, which he studied at Cambridge, his successes were not brilliant, but very mediocre.

Leaving with another mistress in Rome after graduation, a graduate of Cambridge suddenly becomes a waiter while studying cooking. His career rapidly goes up, he became a chef. A prestigious restaurant replaces another, flashed countries and continents. Mr. Brasson Reis - a godsend to gourmets, the young chef like hot cakes everywhere.

There were in his biography and years, when a trace of it was lost in the Middle East and Central Asia. A couple of years he has served, even in the desert cavalry battalion and then liked to tell how he was a dashing horseman.

In his travels Jonathan exchanged fourth ten.

Then he suffered a fatal fascination with Egypt. He was not particularly interested in the dust of ages, and similar nonsense, he loved life, and a happy life. And happiness without money - it`s not quite happy, thought Jonathan. Yes, and how to touch to the charm of perfection of line and form of Egypt - it was in his aestheticism style. Chef`s hat was thrown out and forgotten, and in a few months, our hero has turned into one of the best restorers in the world.

Then he found a customer that he was interested in Egypt. Later the authorities sentenced in absentia craftsman-restorer to fifteen years in prison. But it looks inexhaustible visionary conceived scam flawlessly. Local guards tombs on the right bank of the Nile are neither special delicacy or education. For a modest fee, they are removed and do not prevent looters ravage entrusted to the care of their national cultural heritage. The choice fell on Pharaonic tomb of the barber, whose age - five thousand years.

His plan was simple to genius. The sculptures stolen from the tomb of the ancient barber, he covered with transparent varnish, and then - with gold paint, over which drew a deliberately clumsy characters. Heavy stone door had barbarously cut it into several pieces, which made them look like third-building materials. the word "Egypt" was crooked displayed on each of the subjects. Priceless stolen things began to look as cheap souvenirs, which are sold in any shop in Cairo. The aesthetic feeling is not allowed to spoil Reis millennial relics he hired a special person, almost his namesake - Mark Rice. He moved and wealth, stylized sleaze in London, where he was waiting for Jonathan courier WSS workshop. There with the help of ordinary nail polish remover Jonathan removed from painted and gilt sculptures, without damaging a single molecule, has come down to Pharaoh times. Using steel bolts, he joined sawn doors so that they become like new. All this he willingly told the court: professional bragging affected. However, he assured that all appearing in items purchased in Switzerland. Zurich - one of the largest underground trade centers antiques. Of course, he had no idea of ??their true origin.

Having dealt with the restoration, Jonathan sold the treasures of the pharaohs and lived peacefully and happily.

They went to it quite by accident. They were looking for the kidnappers of papyrus, which Jonathan had nothing. But British investigators traveled to Egypt, where, together with local law enforcement officers quickly found Mark Rice, who immediately pointed to Jonathan, he was arrested.

The most offensive, that by the time he began again to new life He satiated Egypt and turned to more practical matters. Apparently, such is its unstable nature rebellious. Reaching heights in any case, he loses interest in it and are looking for something new. In general, the day before his arrest Brasson Reis held talks with the leadership of the British armed forces, as had time to study the design and invented a small reconnaissance aircraft, which was trying to sell drawings of his native homeland is not particularly long time. He was extremely dissatisfied with the police diverted him from this state an important lesson. Nevertheless I managed to make a false passport, and was about to slip away to France, but his mother dissuaded him. She has spent on lawyers all his savings, but her efforts were in vain.

On the first day of the trial, Jonathan had a heart attack. Already accustomed to its constant Vrana lawyers thought it was another. At the hospital, he did find a minor heart attack. Physicians were asked to not disturb the patient and to continue the process without it. However, the court proved inflexible and ordered the police to bring the accused within 48 hours. During this time, Jonathan had not only oklematsya from seizure, but also lie down in a psychiatric hospital as mentally unbalanced. At the moment when the police knocked on the door, Jonathan deduced neatly on paper the words: "You will be ashamed." They were the last in his suicide note. When detectives burst into the room, he had already drank the poison, but he has not yet begun to operate. Even this gesture was beautiful - the poison, which he took, called esthetic. He drank a favorite potion of the ancient Greeks - the tincture of hemlock.

Already in the area refused to obey Jonathan legs and eyes. He was dragged back to the hospital, where he managed to save so soon again sit in the dock.

From prison Braeson Jonathan Reis will come when he turned 52 years (this is, of course, it sounds more optimistic than 15 years of hard labor of Egypt).

This year it will clearly condemn, unless, of course, did not find a way to get out of there early. But the interesting twist of fate - all his life sought to absolutely everything you wanted, and only to the pyramids he was not lucky. Maybe, in fact, the pyramid able to take revenge when someone invades their possessions, and even rob them?