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American journalist Jon Alpert was born in 1948 in the city of Port-

Chester, New York.

In 1970 he graduated from Colgate University. Author documentaries "Cuba People." "Chinatown: Immigrants in America," "Third Avenue","Vietnam: Collecting stones", "One year in the life of crime," "Prisoners of Rikers Island," "Daddy," "Kings of Latinos Gangster story", "Ambulance Baghdad" For its unique TV reports and documentaries..., he has received 11 national television awards "Emmy" and three Primetime Emmy Awards. In addition, Alpert - a three-time winner of the Columbia-DuPont Awards Prize and many other professional awards. Together with his wife Keiko Chun founded the Downtown Community Television Center - one of the first social media center in the United States.

For 40 years,works in the field of TV journalism and teledokumentalistiki Jon Alpert has earned a reputation as a reporter who can get access to the closed and uncommunicative, and world leaders in the hottest point of the planet.So, among other things, Alpert became the first Western television journalist who visited the post-war Vietnam and told the world how to live there. In addition, Alpert was doing reports and films from Cambodia, Iran, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Cuba, Afghanistan.

Documentary films made Alpert, major broadcast television networks and channels of America - HBO and NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, ESPN, NHK -and have been translated into many foreign languages ??.

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