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According to John, he never thought abouterror status: 400error status: 400error status: 400error status: 400after which it was approved at the cameo.

After filming in ` Detkah` John began to receive calls from the agent to participate in other projects. In the same 1995, John accepted the invitation to play the role of Sonny in the drama ` oskaronosnoy` Tim Robinson ` Dead Man idet`. error status: 400In the period from 1996 to 1999, John has played a number of supporting roles in films and television series, among which are the youth horror film ` Fakultet` in 1998.

In 2000, John was invited to play the role of Bobby in a parody of horror movies ` Scary kino`. It is this role makes it a well-known and popular among young people.The box office film brought in 15 times more money than was spent on it. The incredible success of the painting criticism is because the film is both a parody of youthful erotic comedies and ` youth uzhastiki`. For the role of Bobby Jon was awarded the MTV channel award in the category ` Best potseluy`. In the same year, John takes up the role of Danny in the comedy ` Introduction to roditelyami`. Father of his character in the film played by the legendary Robert De Niro. The role of Danny consolidates the success of John. Another famous work of John Dalton becomes a role in the horror film House of Wax ` figur` in 2005. In addition to these actors, Elisha Cuthbert ,Chad Michael Murray and Byron Van Holt, in the project attended the infamous Paris Hilton.

Among recent works by John best known roles in films such as the comedy ` Iron chelovek`, comedy drama ` Gardener Edema` comedy ` Two guys and mechta`.

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Jon Abrahams picture
Jon Abrahams photo
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