John Van Walwyk

Picture of John Van Walwyk

Age: 92

Citizenship: United Kingdom

90-year-old British athlete

In its 90 years, John van Uolvik create something which could be the envy of many young men. Jaunty old man regularly visits the gym, where does a 14 hour course of exercises, during which works with loads up to 30 kg and wins on a step machine about 226 meters. The main secret of his incredible strength and vigor van Uolvik calls the combination of beer and the usual `Guinness` spinach. It is this non-trivial diet provides John with iron to the extent necessary for the activity of weightlifting.

Currently Uolvik van with his wife, 78-year-old Marjorie (Marjorie), lives in an institution. Most of his neighbors can not walk without a walker or canes; Van Uolvik, however, still strong in body and spirit. According to him, the main problem of a number of his peers is the lack of exercise pravilnyhfizicheskih; it is possible that a decent load could return to an active life for many elderly people.

For John the sport - not just a way of keeping yourself in shape; He is proud to be able to overcome the weight of unbearable for many young people. The problem for van Uolvika - a staunch vegetarian with years of experience - could be a lack of iron; that others get from meat, John gets the spinach and beer `Guinness`.

During his lifetime, John van Uolvik managed to see a lot of interesting. During World War II he joined the factory to produce parts for vehicles; at age 21 he was called to serve in the Burma (Burma), the Royal Berkshire Regiment (Royal Berkshire Regiment). Later, John worked in the call handler `British Telecom`; in 1959, he went to the well-deserved rest, as 14 years ago - became interested in sports. On posescheniyasportzala van Uolvika spodviglo began to tie the abdomen; probably a significant role in the emergence of extra kilos played love John to beer `Guinness`. Active training helped John to throw off the whole with 98.5 kilograms to 88; Now he weighs about 92 kilograms, but `novye` 4 kilograms formed exclusively of muscle mass. How stable will the new weight class - is not yet clear; it is possible that in the future, van Uolvik escalate themselves more worthy muscles.

His 90th birthday van Uolvik said `vyhodnym` heavy duty sports activities. Soon he will be back in the room.

Aged athlete has become a real star of the local gym; however, many fans of cheerful old man did not even know how old their idol. Representatives of the gym already promised van Uolviku free admission to the gym as a gift for the 100th anniversary; in the case of any other peers John this gift might seem sophisticated mockery, but John Van Uolvik, apparently determined not only to get a gift, but also actively used for its intended purpose. Staff at the gym are Uolviku van with great respect; acknowledges manager Natalie Moss (Natalie Moss), a similar activity at his age it can personally only dream of. Van Uolvik - quite an experienced athlete and the particular difficulties of the gym does not cause employees; especially for him in local vending machines maintained a stable supply of bars `Yorkie`. These are Bars for Marjorie and John`s favorite delicacy; every day, the couple can afford one such bars as a kind of reward for shock work.