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Date of Birth: 07/24/1940

Age: 76

Place of birth: Oxford

Citizenship: United Kingdom

`Knight in the banking sfere`

Sir John Reginald Hartnell Bond (Sir John Reginald Hartnell Bond) was born July 24, 1940 in Oxford (Oxford, England) and studied in Tonbridge School, an independent boarding school for boys in Kent (Kent). His father and grandfather were from Bristol (Bristol), and Bond still retains an interest in the fate of this city. Bond could not enter the University of Oxford (Oxford University), so, after graduating from school, he took advantage of a good opportunity and spent two years in the United States (United States). He won a scholarship to study at the charity program `English-Speaking Union, and became a student at the California School of boarding-school Kate (Cate School) near Santa Barbara, California (Santa Barbara, California), where he completed his secondary education. He then went to Long Beach (Long Beach, California), and was hired as a sailor on a cargo ship in the final itogeokazavshis in Hong Kong (Hong Kong). This was the beginning of his forty-year career at the bank, which was then called `Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation`. He was able to get a place in the bank, thanks to an old friend of his father, who worked there as a broker. John did not go to university, but demonstrated their intellectual benefits by getting the second highest rating in the world ranking at the Institute of Banking (Institute of Banking Examinations).

According to him, when at age 19 he entered the service of the bank, he wanted adventure. And this adventure took him from the place of banking trainee with a modest room in a poor neighborhood to the position of top manager of one of the most powerful and influential companies in the world. And it was the adventure forced Bond to work in Asia (Asia) for 25 years - in Hong Kong, Singapore (Singapore), Thailand (Thailand) and Indonesia (Indonesia), - and then four years in the United States, before he returned to the UK (United Kingdom). It is also a great connoisseur of China (China), which has worked since 1972, and his experience makes Bond one of the most valuable global experts to work in the Asian region.

In 1988 he became executive director of the bank and returned to the US in 1991 as chief executive officer of the American branch of the bank, `HSBC, USA`. In 1993 he was appointed Executive Director of `HSBC Holdings`, and in 1998 became chairman of the board of directors of the corporation. In addition, John Bond was on the boards of `Ford Motor Company` and `Vodafone`, where and went after the resignation from the post of chairman of the bank. He also headed the Institute of International Finance (Institute of International Finance) and charity `English Speaking Union`, which has played such an important role in its own destiny.

Under his leadership, `HSBC` expecting great progress, and the bank extended its influence far beyond its core franchises in Hong Kong and the UK. The aim was to make John Bond `HSBC` in one of the most efficient and profitable banks in the world - and he did it in full.

Wife of John Bond - Lady Elizabeth Bond (Lady Elizabeth Bond), they have two daughters and a son. His eldest daughter, Annabelle Bond (Annabelle Bond) became the fourth British mountaineer who conquered Everest (Everest), and the only woman to climb the Seven Summits (Seven Summits) in the shortest period of time.

In 1999, John Bond was knighted for services to banking. In March 2007, within the framework of the awarding independent award `European Business Awards` Bond became its laureate for lifetime achievement. He considers himself an ordinary man, who is very lucky in life.

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