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Adams draws its inspiration from nature, especially in the landscapes of Alaska, where he lived from 1978 - th. It is recognized as an extraordinary composer, able to bring together the physical and musical worlds - into a unique artistic vision ,goes beyond stylistic boundaries.

John Luther Adams was born on January 23, 1953 - CSOs in Meridian, Mississippi (Meridian, Mississippi). Like many other composers of his time, Adams did not grow up in an atmosphere steeped in the classics. He began playing music in the teenage years, being the drummer of several rock bands. Friends introduced him to the music of Frank Zappa (Frank Zappa), and this later led him to the creation of Edgar Varese (Edgard Varese) and Morton Feldman (Morton Feldman). Then the musical tastes brought Adams to the American composer John Cage (John Cage), but it was Feldman helped Adams found his calling. John enrolled at the California Art School (Cal Arts) in the early 1970s, where it studied with James Tenney (James Tenney) and Leonard Stein (Leonard Stein), and graduated from it in 1973. Among his classmates he was also a post- minimalist composer Lois Virk (Lois V Vierk) and composer Peter Garland (Peter Garland).

Okonchivshkolu ,Adams began his work in the field of environmental protection. This work was first brought him to Alaska in 1975. His deep love for this place turned into a moving, carried out in 1978. To this day Alaska scenery are the main driving force in his musical style.

In the period from 1982 to 1989-John was the first drummer and percussionist in the Symphony Orchestra of Fairbanks (Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra) and chamber orchestra of the Arctic (Arctic Chamber Orchestra).

In 2006, Adams was named one of the first fellows of the program `United States Artists Fellows`.Prior to this, he received awards and has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts (National Endowment for the Arts), the Rockefeller Foundation (Rockefeller Foundation), Foundation for Contemporary Art (Foundation for Contemporary Arts) and Rasmuson Foundation (Rasmuson Foundation).

Adams Musical works cover many genres.He composed for television, cinema, children`s theater, for vocalists, acoustic and electronic instruments, orchestras, etc. His frequent use of static textures and subtle modulations of musical show obvious similarities with minimalism, and its tendency to spread ,meditative and intuitive structures convey his true love for the music of Morton Feldman. Generally, Adams constantly improving a meditative musical language, which is related to ` geografiey` sound, with musical incarnation of uninhabited places, filled with a sense of high and close to the sacred. Adams said of himself : ` My music has always been heavily influenced by the natural world and a strong sense of place. Through continuous listening subtle resonances Nordic soundscapes I hope to explore the scope of ` sound geografii` the region - between the place and the culture. .. between the environment and voobrazheniem`.

In 2010-m John Luther Adams was awarded the `Nemmers Prize`.

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