John Justin Bunting

Picture of John Justin Bunting

Date of Birth: 09/04/1966

Age: 50

Place of birth: Brisbane suburbs

Citizenship: Australia


John Bunting (John Bunting, full name - John Justin Bunting) was born in 1966 in a suburb of Brisbane, on the east of Australia (Brisbane, Australia). It is known that since the teenage years, John harbored hostility to homosexuals and pedophiles, and as they grow older it became harder and harder. After another move in the city, Banting became acquainted with Robert Wagner - the main partner in all of his future crimes, while another lived near Robert, together with his friend TRIZ Clinton (Clinton Trezise).

In August 1992, John phoned Clinton and asked to go to a private conversation, however, after only a few minutes in the hands of John already had a shovel, which was the murder weapon. Police found the remains of the body only two years later - the killer buried it in one of the graves at the nearby cemetery. The first months of the murder told the whole Australia: Police tried unsuccessfully to find the victim`s body, reporters accused them of incompetence. It is known that this murder were devoted two whole series of shows `Australia`s Most Wanted`. While watching one of the episodes Bunting was in good spirits and in a rush of feelings, turning to his half-son, she said proudly: `My rabota`. Adopted son of John, James Vlassakis (James Vlassakis), later helped the police in uncovering the many murders, and is the son of the beloved Bunting, Elizabeth Harvey (Elizabeth Harvey), was just a follower and faithful assistant in all crimes.

The next victim was the John Ray Davis (Ray Davies) mentally defective man, who lives near the city of Salisbury (Salisbury). It is rumored that he was a pedophile and stuck to their grandchildren. Davis is not declared on the wanted list, and a body buried in the backyard of the former home Banting discovered only after the arrest of criminals

The third victim of the gang became homosexual Michael Gardiner (Michael Gardiner), who lived next door to John. Wagner did not like Michael from the fact that he never hid their sexual preferences. Man`s body has not been buried, the killer instead laid it in a metal barrel, besides cutting off a leg - it interfered with the cover closed.

The next victim chose Wagner - his former friend homosexual. Barry Lane (Barry Lane) once lived with Wagner. John later described him as `dirty pedofila`. On the day of the murder victim Bunting forced to call his mother and tell that moves and does not want to deal with it bolshenichego general. Last time Barry was seen alive in October of 1997. Later it turned out that the body of Man, they just clogged in a barrel.

Thomas Trevelyan was killed shortly after Barry; as John, he assisted in the murder of Lane, but later became a lot to talk about it, and they were forced to remove it. Unlike other victims, Thomas was hanged, and the police did not think that before them - another victim of serial killers.

Gavin Porter (Gavin Porter) was a friend of Vlassakisa from Victoria (Victoria). Arriving in the city, he lived in the same house with the James family. Having learned that the guest is a drug addict, John said that this `musor` no longer worthy to live in this world. Together with Wagner they killed him while he slept in his car. The body, as before, was put in a barrel and closed the lid.

Over the next few years with John Wagner and Vlassakisom they killed and tortured people, enjoying the fact that the police has not even a millimeter closer to the disclosure of murders.

The penultimate victim of gang became Elizabeth Haydon - the only woman killed John. It is known that her husband helped the gang in several murders, but when told about it to his wife, she obviously did not share his jubilation, and threatened to tell the police everything. Foolishly, he blabbed about it to John, thus signing his wife to death.

The latest victim was the killer David Johnson (David Johnson), Vlassakisa relative. Bunting somehow disliked the guy with the very first moment they met and all were soon to guess who will be the next victim. Hoping to get access to his bank account, they made under torture to tell your PIN, and Johnson recorded voice. However, all attempts to carry out the security system were in vain, and John along with the entire gang dismembered body of the victim; By the way, it turned out later, even the act of cannibalism.

It is known that after the murder of one of the neighbors told me that he had seen several men unloaded large barrels and stores them in an abandoned bank building. In the basement of a barrel of the dismembered corpses in them were found. Neither John nor Wagner did not want to make contact with the investigation, but at the first interrogation 19-year-old James Vlassakis testified: told me about all the victims and showed the place where their remains were buried.

At the trial in 2002, John Bunting was found guilty of 11 murders and was sentenced to 11 life terms without possibility of parole.