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Rredstavitel Roman Catholic Church, the third bishop and first archbishop of Saint Paul, Minnesota (Saint Paul, Minnesota), from 1888 to 1918. He was both religious and public figure of St. Paul throughout his life.The enormous influence of his personality made a major figure of the Archbishop of many important for the state and country projects. John Ireland famously took a progressive stance on education, immigration and relations between church and state, but was quite conservative in matters of political corruption. His attitude to the GreekCatholics differed sarcasm as archbishop did not accept married priests. As a result, the Greek- Catholic Church joined the Orthodox Church, and John Ireland received the ironic nickname of ` Father of the Orthodox Church in Amerike` (The Father of the Orthodox Church in America).

John was born in Ireland Berncherch, County Kilkenny ,error status: 400John sent to the preparatory seminary in Meksime, France (Meximieux, France). In 1861, he returned to St. Paul, John Ireland and was ordained during the Civil War between North and South has served as chaplain of the Fifth Minnesota Regiment, while in 1863 did not resign.

In 1867, the 29-year-old John was appointed pastor of the Cathedral of St. Paul and held this position until he became coadjutor bishop of St. Paul in 1875. In 1884, Ireland took place, Ordinary Bishop and four years later led his diocese and became the first archbishop of the Polish - Sep. He retained his position for 30 years ,until his death in 1918. John Ireland, died September 25, 1918, at the age of 80 years, and before dying burned all his personal documents. The Archbishop was a personal friend of the two presidents of the United States, William McKinley (William McKinley) and Theodore Roosevelt (Theodore Roosevelt). His funeral was attended by eight archbishopsThirty bishops, twelve papal prelates, priests, and seven hundred and two hundred seminarians.

Ireland became a key figure in the so -called colonization. I am concerned about reports that Catholic immigrants in the eastern cities suffer from social and economic barriers ,error status: 400colonies in Minnesota and led the colonial National Association (National Colonization Association). From 1876 to 1881 - th Ireland organized and led the most successful program of rural colonization in the history of the United States (USA), with the support of the Catholic Church. He has worked with Western Railway and the Minnesota state government ,and carried over 4,000 Irish families from slums to rural areas, placing them on an area of about 1600 square kilometers.

Archbishop advocated government support and oversight of Catholic schools. When several parochial schools in the state were threatened with closure ,Ireland won their transfer under the care of reliable urban education advice. Schools continued to work with the nuns and priests, but provided and secular education. This scheme has caused so much controversy that Ireland was forced to go to the Vatican (Vatican), in order to protect their offspring. He also spoke out against the use of foreign languages in schools. Since the United States have been flooded with huge number of immigrants from European countries, teaching is often conducted in the native language of students, but Ireland insisted on universal learning English ,to all nationalities in the end turned into one - the American people.

Ireland participated in the creation of a variety of religious and educational institutions in St. Paul and Washington, DC (Washington, D.C.).

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