John Gurley

Picture of John Gurley

Age: 90

Place of birth: Oklahoma

Citizenship: United States


A resident of the US state of Texas, pastor of the Baptist church Brushy Creek Baptist Church, was born in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma). It is known that John was always an active man, and brave. In his youth he served in the Navy, he took part in World War II. Pastor Gurley is about thirty years old, and his weekly Sunday service attracts about 70 families, Brushy Creek Church parishioners.

In addition, in the biography of 85-year-old parachutist - 19 years as treasurer of the church Baptist Church of Round Rock. For a long time it was listed and voluntary Williamson County sheriff`s deputy (Williamson County), was a volunteer police station (Round Rock Police Department), and also helped the medical center St. David`s Round Rock Medical Center. For this work, Gurley awarded in 2004 Frist Humanitarian Award. `Every day in 24 hours, - says John Gurley, - and we all decide for themselves how they rasporyaditsya`.

The sky is always attracted to John - he even got a pilot`s license, so only use it he had not too often. By the way, his flight he started right out of some envy of his brother Raymond (Raymond), who plied the skies of Normandy (Normandy) during World War II, while John himself served in the Navy.

A parachute Gurley helped to take a closer look his friend, Brian Dee (Brian Dee), instructor. His first jump and John made in conjunction with the 1000 th jump of his friend Brian. In `82 John bailed out again. And on his third jump, timed to coincide with the 85th anniversary of his own, Gurley invited his relatives and parishioners, many of whom he has known for 30 years. So, for his jump from a height of about 3 kilometers (10,500 feet), which is a pastor, however, made with the instructor, there is a very partisan crowd of fans. They all joyfully welcomed Gurley landing on the ground with applause. By the way, optimistically tuned to life John hopes to make his next jump to your 90th birthday. In general, the priest convinced that absolutely live life to the fullest and enjoy this very life can be in a very old age. This he proves his jumps, as well as its healthy and very `molodym` optimism.

By the way, John Gurley skydiving lessons identified in the list of things they need to get done during his life.