John Gotti

Picture of John Gotti

Date of Birth: 10/27/1940

Age: 61

Place of Birth: The Bronx

Citizenship: United States


When in 1990, John Gotti was finally arrested, special units of the FBI, worked so hard to expose the head of the criminal "families" were confident that this time justice will be done.

"Teflon Don" has been accused of many crimes, including the murder in 1985 of Paul Castellano - the leader of the "family" Gambino crime committed with the aim of seizing control of the mafia organization. No sooner had the body to cool Castellano, John Gotti, was sworn in as the new boss.

Who is he, John Gotti, has risen on the higher step of the criminal hierarchy? John Gotti was born on 27 October 1940. The fifth child in a family trinadtsatidetnoy. Father John - an immigrant from Naples, humpback laborer for $ 1.25 per day. The mother - Fanny. The family huddled in a small house in the Bronx - one of the most troubled areas of New York. Gotti so disliked the Bronx, which subsequently refused to include this area in its sphere of influence. When John was twelve years old, his parents moved to Braunsvipl - part of Brooklyn, which is dominated by Italians and where ethnic passions were running high. Dozens of street gangs systematically drove here scores with each other. Strong, muscular teenager Gotti was nicknamed "Strong Fist". At sixteen, he led a gang of peers, which all feared.

Gotti was superior to peers his mind. In testing at school he showed the result of his intellectual coefficient equal to 140 units. He lacked only ten balls to be a genius. Teachers believed that he rigged the test results. But this is unlikely, since it did not have to do it. After all, in the area where he grew up playing a major role physical, not mental abilities. His friends worried with a strike - the first or the second, he will strike his opponent in battle, not time, for how much it will solve the puzzle in the school.

The character of John Gotti stubborn and short-tempered. This is a very proud nature. But his temper following fact. When he was 16, he borrowed some money lad. And when the delayed period of return, John whispered, if he considers it a fool and money is not going to return. Furious Gotti burst into the bar, where the debtor is usually spent time and had almost killed him. John began beating him with a baseball bat and the debtor would have strangled him with his own hands, if he had not stopped his friends.

Idol Gotti was Albert Anastasia, the uncrowned king of Brooklyn - the best killer "Cosa Nostra", the head of one of its subsidiaries under the name of "Murder Inc." - "Corporation killers."

In 16 years, John left school and organizes a gang of "Guys from the Fulton-Rockaway". This gang was engaged in that stole trucks with goods. But Gotti was not enough. He was not attracted to odd jobs.

He dreamed of a big business. On his present case. And a little later he had an agreement with one of the members of "Cosa Nostra" of his "Guys from Fulton-Rockaway" performed work on the order. Things went uphill. Gotti took bets on behalf of the local bookmakers and collecting weekly tribute to moneylenders. "Little John, who did not say a word across and crazy temper, and at eleven in the morning dressed as if going to hang around in bars - checkered shirt with a wide collar, narrowing of pants."

His deputy, Salvatore Gravano, known as "Bull" in his book about life in the Mafia describes the "Teflon Don" as follows: "Gotti was a major player and a major loser. But he was always, like a real man, to pay their debts. It do not pay it his loss, as it immediately would cause immediate shame in the circles of the underworld. " His only income is recorded at the time was $ 25,000 per year, as a seller of plumbing. And he was able to pull on the race alone over the weekend about 30,000 dollars.

Some time later, Gotti began working at Angelo Bruno - Soldier "family" Gambino. Later, Bruno introduces him to his capo Carmine Fatick.

In Gotti has a new job. With his band, he steals a truck from the airport "Aydluadl". Later, on the instructions of Fatick, he "makes the bones" that the language of the mafia is to commit the first murder. He kills two blacks. Because they pocketed the money "family" Gambino. The bodies were found with bullets in his head.

May 15, 1957 Gotti was first arrested, but the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

At 21, Gotti married. His wife - Victoria Di Giorgio, dropouts schoolgirl, was the daughter of an Italian builder and Jewish women from Russia. He was captivated by this elegant dark-haired girl with classical features, with its understated beauty and mild-mannered. Despite the objections of the parents, Victoria Gotti married in April 1960. In April 1961 they had a daughter - Angela. Later it came to light another daughter - Victoria and two boys - John Jr. and Frank. While Gotti officially worked as an assistant driver, "Garnes Express".

In 1963, he was arrested in a stolen truck and twenty days, he "stayed" in the city jail. In the next few years, he was caught twice and spent a total of six years.

One day, his brother Jean, he stole the truck, right out of the terminal, "United Ayrlayns" loaded with TVs in the amount of $ 20,000. But in 1969 he was released on bail. Later, John comes on the highway in New Jersey when trying to hijack two trucks. As a result, John Gotti was sentenced to four years that he served in prison "Louisbourg" in Pennsylvania. There he met Carmine Galante - Don "family" bananas. He was serving a considerable period for the distribution of heroin. Gotti and Galante became friends. And after a while, when both were at liberty, John Galante often invited to his "Lumburgsky Club".

By the time of the release of Gotti, his boss, Carmine Fatick opened a new headquarters in Ozone Park in Queens. He took off two adjacent shop and called the club of hunters and fishermen "Bergin". Since then, the team led by Gotti began to be called as "Berginskaya gang."

Emanuel - In early 1973, 29-year-old nephew, Carlo Gambino was kidnapped. For his attackers demanded the return of 350 thousand dollars.

But it ended tragically - nephew was shot in the head. Carlo Gambino was shocked by what had happened. He summoned John Gotti and personally ordered him to hunt down and kill the thief. Premechatilen the fact that the boss himself the "family", personally ordered the murder of ordinary members. Paul Castellano (Deputy Gambino) imposed Gotti his soldiers "to help" in the case - Ralph Galon.

May 22, 1973 in the diner "Snoop" on Staten Island Gotti and Ruggiero Galon found some Makbretni James, organizer of the kidnapping. The plan, negotiated in advance, Gotti was under the pretext of selling drugs to lure Mac Bretni from the bar on the street and there personally kill him. But intervened Galon, after having taken a dose of cocaine, and nothing at the same time not realizing killed him out of his gun directly at the bar in front of visitors.

Gotti fumed and raged. The job was failed. family boss Sam asked him about private services avenge his nephew. It promised a rapid advance in the hierarchy of "family", and then broke some Galon and ruined everything. Angelo Ruggiero - Gotti`s best friend, with whom he was friends since childhood, was unable to cool the temper of her boyfriend. The result of this anger was killing Galon. It was the revenge of John Gotti has a stubborn and proud Neapolitan.

According to the laws of "Cosa Nostra", its members are not allowed to kill one another without the permission of the boss. For violation of the law - death. Since Golon was a soldier, Paul Castellano, Gotti then had to ask for permission first murder in Paul himself, and only after his consent to kill. But this was not done. And according to the rules Gotti had to die. But in his defense stood Dellacroce (Second Deputy Gambino). Dellacroce loved John as her own son and helps him in the ascent to Olympus crime.

In the case of disobedience Gotti was convened an emergency meeting which was attended by: the boss "family" - Carlo Gambino, his two deputies - Paul Castellano and Aniello Dellacroce and CONSIGLIERE (Advisor) - Joseph Armon. The meeting lasted all night. The life of John Gotti hung in the balance. Castellano wanted blood, Dellacroce begged for mercy. Carlo Gambino was confused. But then his advisor said the phrase, which saved the life of Gotti. "According to our laws Gotti must die. But thanks to such people still exist and remain invincible," Cosa Nostra ". Only in the morning, it was decided to let him live. But in exchange, Gotti had confessed to the murder Gallon and to serve time in prison. Dellacroce John gave all their best lawyers. And in 1974, Gotti was convicted on all four years for manslaughter, instead of relying 20 years for premeditated.

At a time when Gotti was serving his sentence in October 1976, Carlo Gambino died, appointing his successor Paul Castellano.

July 29, 1977 Gotti was released. And almost immediately after his release, he was admitted to the "Cosa Nostra".

John Gotti was a real man, always pay the bills. And he never forgot who he has for saving his life. In 1979, Gotti had a chance to thank his mentor - Dellacroce. Deputy boss with alleged accomplice Anthony Plate accused of organizing illegal gambling in Florida. And to get a shorter term Plate began to testify FBI agents against Aniello Dellacroce. Plate was the only witness involved in the case. He then killed Gotti.

John Gotti quickly made his career. After only two years of joining the "Cosa Nostra" he becomes the captain, rising another step up. Only two years "having served" in the army, he became a captain. Some also had to wait a few decades before getting promoted. Some of the same and remain ordinary members of the organization.

In March 1980, in the privacy of Gotti was a tragedy. He was very fond of her second child - Frank. One day he rode in his district on a bicycle and showing carelessness jumped out from behind a parked truck at the curb on the roadway at the time when it was driving in a car of their neighbor, John Favara. The boy was killed, caught in the wheels of the machine. He was then 12 years old.

Favara came to Frank`s funeral, condolences to parents, but in exchange, received a series of crushing blows to the head and torso with a baseball bat, which held the heartbroken wife of John Gotti. After discharge from the hospital, Favara put the house up for sale.

Gotti decided to take revenge on the hapless seller of furniture, recognized the police guilty in child`s death. Favara began receiving anonymous threatening letters, and thinking to move with his family in another part of the state, far from Gotti. Whenever John was driving past the house Favaro, he folded his fingers, as if pressing cocked.

Four months later, when Gotti and his wife Victoria were resting in Florida, furniture salesman suddenly disappeared. As stated by the witness, before he parked his car near the house is out of the darkness came a figure. Favara blow to the head was knocked down and thrown into the car, which immediately disappeared in an unknown direction.

More unfortunate seller of furniture has not been seen. They say that the Favard kept in some basement before returning Gotti. And when he returned from vacation, then his own neighbor sawed into pieces chainsaw. Like it or not - knows only himself John Gotti. Everything in the "family" saying that "This is a matter to be put to the dark and not worth it."

Gotti was very upset by the death of Frank and little every month to come to his grave. One of the rooms of his house has been turned into a kind of memory the temple of the deceased son. Photos of the boy were framed by dark velvet that fell in heavy folds around the gilded frames.

As is well known at the time the boss "family" Gambino was Paul Castellano. "It was not so much a bandit as was a racketeer." - So spoke of him his henchmen.

A man who truly hated Castellano was Gotti, capo Dellacroce, he believed that it was Dellacroce, not Castellano was to inherit the post after Gambino boss.

His crazy antics Castellano day after day making enemies are not only outside, but also in the "family." Dellacroce Gotti asked not to start a war, while he was alive. Indeed, while he was alive Dellacroce was alive and Castellano.

But the December 4, 1985 Dellacroce dying of cancer. A Castellano scored in their last nail the coffin - it does not come to say goodbye to his deputy, thus losing the last drops of credibility in the eyes of their subordinates.

A few days after the death of Dellacroce, the soldiers moved to an underground position. Wives and girlfriends were told to leave town for a few days.

The deal includes 5 groups: Gotti and his gang berginskaya; Sammy Gravano and the people of the "Tali" in Brooklyn; Joe Armon (fir cone) with the old members of the Gambino crime family; Robert Di Bernardo and Frank De Cicco. The conspirators called their alliance - "Fist".

The conspirators gathered at Joey Vatsa. Chaired by himself John Gotti. Joe Armon spoke with Joe Gallo (CONSIGLIERE Gambino family). Gravano and De Cicco contacted Vic Amuso and Anthony Casso (Gas) of Lucheze family. Gotti spoke with Joe Messina - junior boss Bonano family. Ruggiero Jerry Lang, who was the youngest boss of the Colombo family.

Virtually all supported Gotti and his team in the troubleshooting "ne`er-do boss." It was decided to set up an appointment De Cicco and Castellano in the restaurant "Sparks", "located at the address 1809 Stilwell Avenue.

December 16, 1985 the big Lincoln with two people sitting in front of the restaurant stopped smoothly. The driver turned off the engine, and hurried to get around the car to open the door to his boss, but the boss was in a hurry for a meeting, and without waiting for a bodyguard, he opened the car door. Boss Paul Castellano was - the famous "family" Gambino. His driver was recently appointed Deputy Tommy Bilotta.

Fired Eddie Lino, Fat Sally Rock and Winnie. As soon as the two men came out of the Lincoln shooting started. Two men in fur hats and coats rushed to Castellano with revolvers in their hands. Big Paul immediately received several bullets in the head and one in the chest. Blood gushed out of him and he collapsed on the stone pavement. Bilotta received four bullets in the head and another four in the chest. One of the shooters came to Castellano and shot again in the head boss. Panicked pedestrians fled in all directions could, while the arrows fled their pre-prepared routes. At this point, another Lincoln, drove slowly around the bodies, to consider the results of a carefully designed plan. In this machine were John Gotti and his assistant Sammy the Bull Gravano. John Gotti came to power in style, in the spirit of this "Cosa Nostra", as in the distant 1957, after the murder of Albert Anastasia came to power Carlo Gambino.

A few days after the murder of all New Yorkers, and many people from different parts of the world know the name of John Gotti, the boss as a decisive new "family" Gambino.

None of the "family" did not go against the new leader, fearing for their safety. And at a meeting of John Gotti, he was elected the new head of the criminal "families" Gambino.

Portrait Gotti written by Andy Vorolom, appeared on the "Time" magazine cover. Photos in the "People" and "The New York Times Store".

Police say John Gotti became the leader of the New York Mafia, not only thanks to his authority in the criminal world, but also because of its powerful rivals failed to avoid prison.

Ships Series in the early eighties has removed the leaders of the Mafia in New York. All except Gotti. Tripped oiled machine intimidation tactics of the authorities, skillfully built on the image of an attractive appearance, as well as a brilliant lawyer Bruce Kotler.

John Gotti never forgot about double agents, and occasionally taught them lessons of cruelty. Billy Boy had been on the FBI`s dossier as a "soldier" in the team Gotti when he was still just beginning his career as a mafia. This was the same man who told federal authorities that his boss knew that his men engaged in drug trafficking. He lived in Brooklyn under a false name since his testimony led to the arrest of several gangsters. One of them was the brother of Gotti Jenny, who received for trafficking heroin twenty years.

Early in the morning, Billy Boy went from home to work. He did not notice any three men who came out of the car, parked in front of or immediately caught up in their hands pistols. When the shooting stopped, the body of Billy Boy was riddled with bullets.

Murder-organized Sammy the Bull - the right hand boss. In 1985, Gotti was charged with assaulting a maintenance worker and forced removal from the 325 dollars. Recall that he was already sitting in prison for stealing a car, and once again surprised stunning pettiness thug tossed million.

But the victim knew who the Gotti. At the hospital, he said the loss of memory, and the charges against mafioso disappear by themselves.

A year later, Gotti got on racketeering, and he was charged on three counts, including murder. But this time the offender escaped justice. And in 1992, it turns out, he did not order the killing of trade unionist, who did not pay the Mafia put "contributions".

Right-handed boss in all of these crimes has always remained his faithful Salvatore. By his own admission, in the second half of the 80s, he made so many murders that many had forgotten about. Salvatore was arrested with Gotti. Both waited for the court, and the police had no doubt that much this time offenders do not get out. The investigation has recordings of telephone conversations overheard,

compromising gangsters, and two informants who are prepared to testify against the accused.

Sammy himself agreed to speak out against the Mafia. It was a rare case in the history of criminology. It turned out that the cruel and cold-blooded killer, sent to the light dozens of people experienced the horror of the potential to end the life of the electric chair. Therefore, in a dramatic trial in March-April 1992, he was to testify against John Gotti and his empire. Gradually, confessing all murders committed on the orders of Gotti, cowering under the gaze of "godfather", Salvatore knew that now he was a goner. In exchange for the testimony of Sammy could count on a lighter sentence for his own crimes. Above him loomed the threat of life imprisonment. Still, it was better than the death penalty.

June 23, 1992 Gotti was the last time put off your outfit - a tailored white suit and yellow silk tie. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without right to pardon. Together with the boss was convicted of his deputy Frank LOKAS - "Frankie Loc," 59-year-old henchman, also unmasked the testimony of Sammy.

"This would not have happened if they had not become enemies, - said the well-known expert on the fight against the mafia, George Karmentsa -. It was a classic two-act play that ended the treacherous betrayal of the natural ending for such scoundrels as those two.".

According to rumors, not until the end of the defeated empire Gotti Mafia is now managed by his son, John, Jr.. They say an apple from the apple does not fall far. Time will tell whether there are exceptions to this rule.