John Dorrance

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Date of Birth: 11/11/1873

Age: 56

Place of birth: Bristol

Citizenship: United States

The inventor of concentrated soups

John Thompson Dorrance was born in Bristol, Pennsylvania (Bristol, Pennsylvania). He received a bachelor of science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), where he was a member of the fraternity `Sigma Alpha Epsilon`. Furthermore, Dorrance became a Doctor of Philosophy in the University of Gottingen in Germany (University of G & # 246; ttingen, Germany).

Being the nephew of general manager of the company `Joseph Campbell Preserve Company`, Dorransbyl adopted into the family business. He worked for the company since 1897 and invented the first method of manufacture of concentrated soups. Later, he led the firm `Campbell Soup` from 1914 to 1930-th, which eventually was bought by the family Campbell. With skillful leadership Dorrance company `Campbell Soup`, known for its canned tomatoes, vegetables, jellies, soups, condiments, and minced meat, it has become one of the most formidable and long-lived brands in America. John was succeeded by his brother Arthur Dorrance (Arthur Dorrance).

John married Ethel Mallinkrot (Ethel Mallinckrot) in 1906. The couple had five children. Dorrance died September 21, 1930 th, from heart disease at his home in Sinnaminson Township, New Jersey (Cinnaminson Township, New Jersey). He was buried in Bala Sinvayde, Pennsylvania (Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania).

After the death of the chemist began a serious lawsuit, related to its real estate and taxation. Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that John lived in Pennsylvania, while the Supreme Court of New Jersey ruled that the late entrepreneur should be considered a resident of New Jersey, and this turn of Dorrance ordered the state to pay the heirs of taxes to both states. In search of justice Dorrance family appealed to the United States Supreme Court, but the request for reconsideration was denied.

In 2012 Dorrance was elected to the Hall of Fame of New Jersey.

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