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Date of Birth: 03/02/1925

Age: 80

Place of birth: Platvill

Citizenship: United States


Author: Elena Murzina

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John Fiedler was born on February 3, 1925 in Platville, Wisconsin, the son of a merchant beer Donald Fiedler and his wife, Margaret saw. When the boy was five years old, the family moved to the city of Shorewood, in the same place John graduated in 1943 from high school. After high school, John enlisted in the US Navy and served in the Navy until the end of the Second World War. After his discharge from the Navy Fiedler went to New York to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an actor - John giving the first presentation in the family garage, he is involved in all of them the neighborhood kids. His first notable role was Homer Brown in the comedy radio show `Bunch Aldrich` (The Aldrich Family), and on television, he played a cadet Alfie Higgins in fiction series` Tom Corbett, astronaut trainee `(Tom Corbett, Space Cadet), which came out in early 50`s, and became immediately very recognizable young actor. Fiedler debut in the movie took place in 1957, when he got the role of one of the jurors in the film adaptation of the play `12 Angry muzhchin`. Fidler often had to play soft, sensitive or nervous character, but one day he appeared in an episode of `Star puti` (Star Trek), which was called` Wolf in zagone`, in the role of chief administrator, who looked more like the character of Jack the Ripper.

John Fiedler was part of the cast of the Broadway revival of `Raisin in the Sun `(A Raisin in the Sun) authorship Lorraine Hansberry, who became the first African-American woman, who went to play Broadway. In the film adaptations, and in the film version of 1961, and in the television movie 1988, Fiedler played the same role - a representative brownie Lindner Committee. The comedy play `Odd Couple` (The Odd Couple) actor played poker player Vinnie and repeated the role in the 1968 film adaptation. Notable roles he played in the 1969 western True valor `` (True Grit) and the adventure comedy `` Racing Cannonball `` (The Cannonball Run) 1981.

As a guest star Fidler has appeared in numerous popular television series including `Bewitched` (Bewitched), `Get Smart` (Get Smart), `Dossier detective Rockford` (The Rockford Files), `Star Trek` (Star Trek) `Twilight zone` (The Twilight zone), `The Golden girls` (The Golden girls), and `Hi` (Cheers). Fiedler was part of the permanent structure of such shows as `Kolchak: the Night ohotnik` (Kolchak: The Night Stalker) as a morgue attendant Gordie Spangler; `` Bob Newhart Show as one of the regular patients of the protagonist; `Bill` Buffalo (Buffalo Bill) as Woody.

PomimoPyatachka, which Fiedler announced a huge number of cartoons, he gave his voice cartoon characters `Rescuers` (The Rescuers), `Fox and the Hound` (The Fox and the Hound), `Robin Hood` (Robin Hood), `The Adventures of the Emperor `(The Emperor` s New Groove). The last work of John Fiedler became a cartoon `The New Adventures of Kronka` (Kronk`s New Groove).

John Fiedler died of cancer on June 25, 2005, at the age of 80 years, in a nursing home Lillian Booth Actors `Home, which includes charity Actors` Fund (actor Fund), in Englewood, New Jersey. Fiedler died a day later his colleague at the articulation of `Adventures of Winnie Puha` Uinchela Paul, who gave their vote Tigre. After the death of Fiedler Piglet`s voice became an actor Travis Oates. John Fiedler was never married, his heirs become brother and sister.

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