John Commons

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Date of Birth: 10/13/1862

Age: 82

Place of birth: Hollansburg

Citizenship: United States

A supporter of institutional theory

John Rogers Commons (John Rogers Commons) was born in 1862 in Hollansburge, Ohio, United States (Hollansburg, Ohio, USA), in the family, the roots of which dates back to the reign of Mary Queen of England. His father was a Quaker, but later broke with the faith of their ancestors. In addition, his father was quite adventurous and daring entrepreneur; several times he sold his business in order to start a new one, and one of the times have bought a newspaper. It was there that the Commons Jr. mastered the profession of a printer, and who worked for a while. John`s mother was also a remarkable woman, she was very cleverly managed the financial affairs of the family, and it was she who persuaded his son to come to study at Oberlin College (Oberlin College), hoping that John would become a priest. Studying in college, and after, and at Johns Hopkins University (Johns Hopkins University), has been very useful to the young and the freedom-loving John - this is where he realized that his vision of the world often differs from the vision of others, he has learned to listen to your opinion and analyze it, and showed a great desire for independence. John flatly refused to imitate someone intellectually and learn independently discover and ascertain the facts, and with great enthusiasm found their relationship.

By the way, the main person in the University Commons turned to Professor Richard T. Ely (Richard T. Ely), in which John saw a brother in spirit. Commons became Eli`s favorite pupil, despite the fact that John was never any outstanding student - to tell the truth, no matter where he went, his formal results, in spite of the brilliant mind researcher, left much to be desired.

At the beginning of the century Commons briefly worked as a teacher in the University of Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin), after which he returned to Oberlin and began teaching there.

This was followed by the position of professor of political economy at the University of Indiana (Indiana University).

Actually, John for a long time and seriously pondered over the question whether religion can not be a suitable instrument for social progress; at the time the Commons and joined the organization `American Institute of Christian sotsiologii`, followed wrote the book `Social reform and tserkov` (Social Reform and the Church).

In 1907 he published his book `Races and Immigrants in America`, and one of his most famous works is probably the work of` labor history in the United Shtatah` (History of Labor in the United States).

Generally, in the interests of Commons research area includes the work of collective institutions - unions corporations, trade unions and political parties. His theory and look at the development of these movements John has stated in such works as` Legal grounds kapitalizma` (Legal Foundations of Capitalism) and `Institutional ekonomika` (Institutional Economics).

At the end of the life of John. Commons wrote his famous book `Economics collective deystviy` (The Economics of Collective Action) .He believed that it can help him finally managed to explain the economists that he was trying to do for many years. At the forefront of their research and findings, and after, he put forward the search for compromise instruments between organized labor and big business; so that the Commons was looking for ways of reconciliation economic contradictions through collective action.

It is known that the Commons firmly believed in the need for government reform, which resulted in non-governmental organizations and institutions, leaders become important force in government and political life of the country. Commons believed that the government should and must be formed of representatives of the various collective institutions and, consequently, reflect the interests of all social and professional groups.

John Commons, as a supporter of reform has gained numerous followers and supporters.

The great economist and supporter of institutional theory, John Commons lived to be 82 years and died on May 11, 1945.

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