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Date of Birth: 09/02/1925

Age: 79

Place of Birth: Kobe

Citizenship: United States

John Cobb: By combining religion and science

John Cobb was born in Kobe, Japan (Kobe, Japan) in 1925. His parents were Methodist missionaries. Until the age of 15, John lived primarily in the cities of Kobe and Hiroshima, he studied at the multinational Canadian Academy in Kobe. It was here that he began to develop a pluralistic world.

In 1940, Cobb moved to the United States, Georgia (Georgia), to complete their education.

The youth was struck primarily widespread racism here, in particular, the demonization of the Japanese. John saw how differently can be represented by the same event in different countries, and all became more critical attitude to the role of the church, the media, universities and the state.

After high school, Cobb attended Emory College in Oxford, GA (Oxford, Georgia). In 1943, he joined the US Army. John chose to participate in the program of the Japanese language, which were mostly Jewish and Catholic intellectuals. They helped John to understand the features of Protestantism in Georgia.

Cobb served during the occupation of Japan, and then returned to the United States. At the University of Chicago, he went to the interdepartmental program in which he studied the arguments of the modern world against Christianity. So he wanted to test his faith. John Cobb made it clear that as a result of his faith was destroyed.

For Cobb this situation was unacceptable. He decided to restore their faith, but so that it does not conflict with scientific and historical knowledge. The young man went to the University of Chicago Divinity School. Thanks to the best teachers, John was able to gradually harmonize the faith of God`s existence and his scientific view of the world. Richard McKeon (Richard McKeon) introduced Cobb philosophical relativism, and Daniel Day Williams (Daniel Day Williams) and Charles Hartshorne (Charles Hartshorne) taught him the philosophy and process theology. But in the preparation of their own work young theologian based his reflections Alfred North Whitehead (Alfred North Whitehead).

After receiving his doctorate at the University of Chicago in 1952, he studied for three years at the College Young Harris, Georgia to the north, and served as part-time pastor. Soon, John Cobb, and he began teaching - first at Emory University, and then at Claremont Graduate University. During his career, he was a visiting professor at the Harvard School of Theology, Chicago, Vanderbilt, Iliff in Rik

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