John Bogle

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Date of Birth: 08/05/1929

Age: 87

Place of birth: Verona

Citizenship: United States

founder of the largest fund `The Vanguard Group`

John Clifton `` Jack Bogle (John Clifton `Jack` Bogle) and his twin brother David (David Bogle) born May 8, 1929 in Verona, New Jersey (Verona, New Jersey, US). it was at this time the family was hit hard during the Great Depression, the father of the boys potreyal his fortune and was forced to sell the house in an affluent area of ??the city. With ten years the future financier he earned his pocket money, working part-time in the delivery of newspapers and a local cafe. Life is fully failures broke his father - he began to drink heavily, and soon left his wife and children to cope with difficulties themselves. These setbacks have tempered character and little John filled his determination to regain its former prosperity, which he knew only from the stories of their parents. In high school, John and his brother, received a full scholarship from the company of his uncle, his mother`s brother, studied at a private boarding school Blair Academy (Blair Academy). John then received a bachelor`s degree from Princeton University (Princeton University), graduating in 1951, and in the evenings and on weekends attending classes at the University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania). After graduation Bogle joined the management company `Wellington Management Company` and worked under the direction of its founder Walter L. Morgan (Walter L. Morgan).

After successfully climbing the corporate ladder, John Bogle became chairman of the board of directors of the company, but was later fired for `` extremely unreasonable merger, which it approved. Sam Bogle considers it unfortunate decision of its biggest mistake, however, said that in this inexcusable evidence of his immaturity was proc - after all, he learned a lot by example. In 1974 he founded his own company Bogle `Vanguard`, and under his leadership the company has grown to the second largest company in the world to manage mutual funds. Under the influence of American economists like Eugene Fama (Eugene Fama), Burton Malkiel (Burton Malkiel) and Paul Samuelson (Paul Samuelson), a year later, Bogle has done something revolutionary, offering the market the world`s first index fund shares under the name `Vanguard 500 Index Fund `.

Grateful graduate, Bogle is a member of the board of trustees of the Academy of Blair. He is also a member of the advisory board Milstein Center for Corporate Governance and efficiency (Millstein Center for Corporate Governance and Performance) at the Yale Business School (Yale School of Management). In 2005, Bogle received an honorary degree of Doctor of Law at Princeton University. Despite the fact that in 1996, John Bogle underwent major surgery for a heart transplant, he is still actively involved in the work of the `Vanguard Group`. John and his wife Eve (Eve Bogle) six children and grandchildren for a long time already. They live in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania (Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania). In 2004, the magazine `` Time The Bogle put in the list of `100 most influential people in the world`.

Currently Bogle is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the National Constitution Center (National Constitution Center) in Philadelphia (Philadelphia), a museum dedicated to the US Constitution. Previously, from 1999 to 2007, he served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and in January 2007 he was appointed Honorary Chairman when the position of chairman passed to former US President George HW Bush (George HW Bush).

Taylor Larimore (Taylor Larimore), Mel Lindauer (Mel Lindauer) and Michael Leboeuf (Michael LeBoeuf) wrote a book called `Investment Guide` (The Bogleheads `Guide to Investing) based on the strategy of John Bogle, who proved to be very useful as a guide for the novice investor. The popular radio show `Moneytalk` station

ABC presenter Bob Brinker (Bob Brinker) often talks about the investment philosophy of John Bogle and recommends his books.

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