John Biscoe

Picture of John Biscoe

Date of Birth: 1794

Age: 49

Citizenship: United Kingdom


In the years 1830-1832 was made another remarkable expedition to Antarctic waters. It was equipped commercial and fishing-ing the London firm of Enderby Brothers. One of the company`s owners, Charles Enderby, was one of the active founders of the London Geographical Society.

Head of the new expedition was appointed an experienced sailor, Captain John Biscoe. Two small ship expedition - brig "Tula" and single mast yacht "Lively" - went first to the South Sandwich Islands. After making sure that the seal is not there, the chief of the expedition led the court to the east. At the end of January 1831, they crossed the Antarctic Circle at the prime meridian, and then went to the east, closer to the edge of the sea ice, then away from it. As well as the Russian sailors in the 11 years before, Biscoe and his companions saw lots of icy shore, but the ice storms and poor visibility prevented ships come closer to the shore and ensure its existence.

February 28, 1831 at the Arctic Circle, near the 50