John Bigler

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Place of birth: Pennsylvania

Citizenship: United States


Born in 1805 in Pennsylvania. At home printer and worked as an assistant editor.

At the beginning of the "gold rush" in California surpassed herd bulls and remained there to live. During the cholera epidemic (1850) Bigler deserved reputation of a fearless fighter against disease. Risking his own life, he helped to isolate the patients and to burn the corpses of the dead. In the end, Bigler he contracted cholera and survived only by a miracle.

In 1852, for four years he was elected governor. Incidentally, the term governor John Bigler in California to coincide with the governorship of his brother in Pennsylvania.

The first official census of the population of California was held during the Governor Bigler. In 1852 there lived 255 thousand people. Besides Bigler made the town the capital of Sacramento State, any way it is and still.

In 1856, the state legislature noted merits Bigler, naming in his honor the lake, which, however, in 1870 it was renamed Lake Tahoe.

Out John Bigler career in 1871.

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