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Extremely well-known person, a talented American actor (of Greek origin) father of the famous actress - Jennifer Aniston.

John Aniston was born on the island of Crete - July 24, 1933 year - the family of Stella and Anthony Anastassakisov. When John was two years old, his family moved to the United States, where his father redid his own name, making it pronounceable for Americans. In Pennsylvania (Chester) John`s parents started their own business - the restaurant opened. Soon their business has flourished. Stella and Antony worked together and raised children. In addition to John `s family had two children - two girls.

At the time, John Aniston - then still the future actor - received an excellent education,He graduated from the State University of Pennsylvania (with a degree in theater arts) . After - John went to serve in the United States Navy and for some time was on active duty in Panama. Leaving the reserve, John Aniston had a high military rank. His artistic career began when John first appeared on television - in soap operas. Then he instantly liked the huge number of fans of the TV movie day.

We can not say that John had to perform tremendous role.Yet he liked the characters the audience (especially - the fair sex) and to some extent served as a reason for such rapid interest fans of soap operas of the eighties and nineties of the last century.

John Aniston has spoken on television, talking about himself, about his own attitude towards Greece and the other -no less interesting - things.

Currently, his daughter - Dnennifer Aniston - very popular actress. He starred in a big movie and revels in love and respect for the huge number of fans. By the way, Jennifer - daughter of John from his first marriage (his first wife was Nancy Dow) .

The second time, John Aniston married Sherry Rooneywhich produced a son, Alexander.

Currently, actor John Aniston is in venerable years. Periodically, he enjoys an excellent game of his own daughter, remembering the time when he was also pleased the audience - TV fans - his game.

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