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Date of Birth: 11/27/1940

Age: 75

Place of birth: Gainsborough

Citizenship: United Kingdom


John Elderton was born November 27, 1940 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire (Gainsborough, Lincolnshire), and raised in Kingston upon Hull (Kingston upon Hull), where he studied at the School of Kingston High School.

Viewers first met with John Eldertonom when he landed the role of Dr. Muna (Dr Moone) in one of the first soap operas channel ITV `Emergency - Ward 10 `, which aired from 1957 to 1967.

He married one of his colleagues, a successful actress Jill Brown (Jill Browne), but they later divorced.

Soon Elderton gained much greater fame than his ex-wife, received a major role in the sitcom `Please, sir! `. He played the loser teacher Mr Hedges (Hedges), and in 1971 repeated the success, playing the same character in the movie of the same name.

In 1972 he, along with Hannah Gordon (Hannah Gordon) appeared in 13 episodes of the sitcom the BBC `My wife neighbor` (My Wife Next Door) and received the role of George Bassett (George Basset) Irish television award `Jacob` (Jacob `s Award) in 1975.

Then he moved to another channel the ITV series, featuring high ratings, playing chauffeur Thomas Watkins (Thomas Watkins) in `Up and down the stairs`, and his partner was Pauline Collins, with whom they were married in 1969. John and Pauline had a daughter, actress Kate Elderton (Kate Alderton), and two sons, Nick Elderton (Nic Alderton) and Richard Elderton (Richard Alderton). However, Pauline, he starred in the spin-off `Up and down the stairs`, the series` Thomas and Sarah `, as well as in another comedy,` No, Honestly `, and in a series of adaptations of short stories Pelham Granville Wodehouse (Pelham Grenville Wodehouse) in 1975-1978.

At the same time he appeared on the big screen in the cult science fiction film John Boorman (John Boorman) `Zardoz` (Zardoz), before returning to more familiar territory, the role of Yorkshire veterinarian James Herriot (James Herriot) in the film` It should not It happens with veterinarom` (It Shouldn`t happen to a Vet). Before Eldertona Herriot role in the first two parts of the movie played by Simon Ward (Simon Ward) and Colin Blakely (Colin Blakely).

Eldertona first performance on stage took place in August 1961 at the York Theatre Royal (York Theatre Royal), in the play `Badger` s Green `Sheriff Cedric Robert (Robert Cedric Sherriff).

Eldertona London debut in November 1965 at the Theatre Mermaid Theatre in the role of Harold Crompton (Harold Crompton) in the play `Spring and Port Wine`.

In March 1969, at the theater Aldwych he played in setting `Dutch Uncle`; in July of the same year in the theater Comedy Theatre played the role of Jimmy Cooper (Jimmy Cooper) in `The Night I Chased the Women with an Eel`. Several times the actor had a chance to play the role of Stanley (Stanley) in `History and Dzhudi` Punch (Punch and Judy Stories).

Throughout the 80s and 90s Elderton is still a lot of work in television. He played the role of the narrator in the animated series `Little Miss` (Little Miss) in 1983 and Fireman Sam `` (Fireman Sam) in 1987-1994; in 1983-1984 the actor starred in the British sitcom Father`s Day `` (Father `s Day); in 1989-1992 he worked again with his wife in a very popular series `Forever Green` as Jack Bolt (Jack Boult).

In 2003, he played in the comedy `kalendarya` Girls (Calendar Girls), John Clarke (John Clarke), who dies at the beginning of the movie from leukemia, and thus serves as the basis for all subsequent events. Many times he participated in the series as a guest star, and in 2008 starred in the BBC miniseries Little Dorrit `` (Little Dorrit) based on the book by Charles Dickens (Charles Dickens).

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