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The well-known American actor who has performed a number of interesting roles, and at one time attracted a huge following. In addition to acting talent, John Agar distinguished by the presence of other abilities,including music.

John Agar was born in the United States of America, Chicago - 31 January 1921. His parents were John Agar Sr. and Lillian Rogers (nee) . Parents future celebrity had nothing to do with the world of art (his father, for example, was a meat packer) but this did not affect the interests of the future actor. From an early age, Jim was fond of theater and often arranged presentation on their own, causing a genuine interest in others. In fact, Agar Jr. appeared gifted - he was able to really convey the character and feelings as well - thoughts and intentions of the characters. John Agar was able man and longed to be improved, honing skills and acquiring new skills. At the time, the future actor entered the Harvard School for Boys, which received an excellent education. After - he studied at the Academies of one of Chicago in Illinois, as well as - received a diploma from the Preparatory School Pawling. After his father died (it happened in 1942 to the year) , the family moved from Chicago to Los Angeles, and there made an attempt to start a new life.

Soon, the future actor went to serve in the American army (it was during World War II) - in the air force. There he was promoted to the rank of sergeant and was in this rank until his discharge in 1946.

A year earlier, Agar married to Shirley Temple, with whom he lived together for about five years and had to give birth to a daughter (who later became no less famous than her father, though - under the name of his stepfather) .

In 1950the year Agar Shirley divorced a year later married again - this time with a certain person Loretta Barnett Combs, with whom he lived together until her death in the year 2000. They had two sons - Martin Agar and John Agar III.

7 of April of 2002, John Agar died of emphysema - a complex lung disease. This happened in California ,in Burbank. He was buried next to his wife - in California, at the National Cemetery. The actor often played and productively, and his acting career is not poor. Agar talent was never in doubt, and film and television fans appreciated appreciated his

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