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The first US President George Washington, Adams served as ambassador to the Netherlands (1794) ; while staying at his father`s power, he was ambassador to Prussia (1797-1801) . error status: 400error status: 400The first US President George Washington, Adams served as ambassador to the Netherlands (1794) ; while staying at his father`s power, he was ambassador to Prussia (1797-1801) . In 1803, Adams was elected to the US Senate. In 1809, President Jefferson returns to Europe, assigning the first in the history of the US ambassador to Russia (1809-1814) . he recovered envoy from Russia to the United Kingdom (1814-1817) . The status of the messenger Adams took part in the preparation and signing of the Anglo-American peace treaty that ended the 1812-1814 war years, but the beginning of the Oregon question.error status: 400In November 1819, Secretary of State Adams made his mission statement : "While in the European consciousness United States will not be associated with North America as a geographical reality, our every effort to dissuade the world in our ambition is only to convince everyone that we are hypocrites, concealing their true purpose. ..error status: 400error status: 400error status: 400Adams, Secretary of State also considered the author of " nekolonizatsii principle", an integral part of the famous Monroe Doctrine (1823) .

In 1824, Adams was a presidential candidate. When he and Andrew Jackson, nor Henry Clay could not gain a majority in the electoral college, the president of the choice was charged the US House of Representatives. error status: 400that he should serve the common good of all Americans, and that the ultimate goal must be for him to promote the development of education and science. Basically, it was about the education of more virtuous and more educated res publikantsa and the creation of prerequisites for economic progress by promoting internal improvements.He called for the unity of the nation, stressed the contribution of the two major parties, which do not actually exist in the welfare of the country and expressed regret for the emerging conflicts in the sections comrade. In addition, he demanded that the United States took an active role at the first conference of all the independent states of the continent in Panama. His proposal met with fierce opposition in Congress, because it was based on a broad interpretation of federal competence in the constitution.

Already when entering John Quincy Adams in the position of his presidency was burdened with heavy mortgages. These were added others : the attempt to acquire for US shipping equitable access to the British Caribbean islands failed due to resistance and even London in 1826 led to the closure of the West Indies ports to American ships. American inflexibility was to blame for the termination of further negotiations. At Adams in March 1827 had no other choice but to shut down in response to US ports to British ships. West India trade could be normalized only in 1830. Topical issues in the domestic protectionism Adam as before even in the election campaign, tried to be extremely cautious izerror status: 400error status: 400During the stay of the Adams presidency he never managed to define the theme of political debate inside and outside the Congress and to give a way the debate structure and direction. This would require a more active and politicized understanding of the responsibilities of the president than the one which had Adams. It is not surprising ,that in 1828 Adams had little prospects for re-election. Jackson and his supporters, since 1826, organized systematically, not only opposition to Adams, but the election of Jackson `s new president. Advocates of Adams `s too late began to create in the organization states. Jackson won the election ,received 56 % of the vote and 178 against 83 votes, the election board.

After Jackson won the election in 1828, Adams retired to his estate, but soon returned to power, becoming in 1831 a member of the House of Representatives. (John Quincy Adams - the only American president ,who was elected to Congress after the end of the presidential term.) In Congress, Adams became a staunch fighter against slavery and the policy of " Southern expansionism. " He opposed any laws that encourage the preservation of slavery; against the " Indian Removal " and the invasion of Mexico (1846-1848) . error status: 400he suffered a stroke. Two days later, without regaining consciousness, " the father of American expansion ," has died.

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