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In 1979, Adair became the world`s first Professor of Leadership Studies issues; I worked in this unusual as it is at the University of Surrey (University of Surrey).

American psychologist, motivator ,an expert on leadership and leadership development. To date, the programs he created the project `Action-Centred Leadership` was attended by more than a million managers from around the world.

By the current moment, John had already changed a lot of professions. For a time he commanded a platoon of Scots Guards in Egypt (Egypt),then - he served in the Arab Legion (Arab Legion). Having dealt with conscription, Adair became a deckhand and worked for some time on cruising in the waters of Iceland (Iceland) trawler. Going ashore, John turned into a medic.Some time Adair gave a course of military history and carried out consultations on the development of leadership skills at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst); John also served as assistant director in some industrial group.

In 1979, Adair became the world`s first Professor of Leadership Studies issues;I worked in this unusual as it is at the University of Surrey (University of Surrey).

In the period from 1981 to 1986 - th Adair she worked for John Harvey - Jones Company (John Harvey-Jones) in the ICI; he was engaged in the development of the new company`s transformation strategy. Strategist John was highly talented - precisely because it is unprofitable ,mired in bureaucracy giant became the first company in the UK, whose profits exceeded one billion pounds.

Adair has published more than 40 papers on leadership ; his books are actively translated into a variety of languages. Among the most recent of his works to be mentioned ` How to Grow liderov` (` How to Grow Leaders`) and ` effective development liderstva` (` Effective Leadership Development`). One only Adair is not limited to writing activities - he continues to conduct training courses and provide consulting services. During his work in different educational institutions of the world, John Adair managed to get a series of different degrees. In Oxford (Oxford University) Adair received his master`s degree at King`s College London (King`s College London) - PhD.

Now John is in the Royal Historical Society (Royal Historical Society).More recently, ` liderskie` research Adair earned him a new title - China awarded him an honorary professor.

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