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Actor giant era of silent movies

American silent film actor, one of the tallest actors in the history of cinema. It is known that he was a Freemason.

Aasen was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota). His mother ,nee Christie Daniels (Kristi Danielsen), was extremely high ; it is believed that its growth was about 2.2 meters (although more recent studies indicate a more modest figure - only 1.88 m). John`s father`s name was not precisely known ; if you believe the actor`s sister, his father was Alfred Aasen (Alfred Aasen).

When John was 10 years old ,mother carried him in Cheyenne, North Dakota (Sheyenne, North Dakota). There`s a woman ran a restaurant ; John, by the way, also found time to work in the family business, not forgetting, however, and about in school.

In 1902 his mother died Aasena. John was succeeded by a number of families and houses ; one from the shelter of his family -run hotel in Leeds ,North Dakota (Leeds, North Dakota), which subsequently moved himself Aasen.

Rusty youth began at once ; records say that during their stay in the Cheyenne, he was the youngest in the class. Over time, however, the situation has changed - Aasen has grown to a truly impressive size. Some sources claim that John growth was about 2. 74 m; This, however, is an exaggeration - apparently John was hardly above 2.19 m.

Play movie Aasen began in 1922 - he was invited into the picture ` Why be sad ` (`Why worry`?) With Harold Lloyd (Harold Lloyd)?. The debut was relatively successful - John had to play a whole range of different roles. Among the filmsthat Aasen played, mention should be made of Bengal tigr` ` (` Bengal Tiger`) and ` Charlie Chan in tsirke` (` Charlie Chan at the Circus`), `Growing Pains` and` Married men should stay at home ? `(` Should Married Men go Home? `) 1928, ` Legionaries in Parizhe` (`Legionnaires in Paris`) and ` Two Flaming Youths` 1927 and `Long Fliv the King` 1926. John Aasen died on August 1, 1938 the first hospital in Mendocino, California (Mendocino, California); his body was later sent to Missouri (Missouri) for further dissection. Conducted the autopsy doctor kept a skeleton, then passing it in Loma Linda, California (Loma Linda, California);the rest of the flesh Aasena was cremated and buried at the Masonic tradition in Glendale, California

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John Aasen picture
John Aasen photo
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