Johannes Wislicenus

Picture of Johannes Wislicenus

Date of Birth: 06/24/1835

Age: 67

Place of birth: Kleynehshtedt


Son of William I. Wislicenus Wislicenus (1861-1922) also worked in the field of organic chemistry; professor at Tubingen universitete.V 1863 - 1875 years studied lactic acid, lactic acid synthesized by conventional and proved its structure. In 1869, the first to establish the identity of the normal breast, meat and lactic acids, and suggested that their molecules have different spatial arrangement of the atoms. These views were the immediate trigger for the nomination of JH van`t Hoff (1874), the stereochemical hypothesis that Wislicenus further developed. He described the phenomenon of geometric isomers in the examples of maleic and fumaric, crotonic and isocrotonic, mesaconic and citraconic acids. In 1887, he proved that using the van`t Hoff theory of all possible configurations of individual geometric isomers of unsaturated hydrocarbons can be installed. Wislicenus Research contributed to the firm establishment of science stereochemical representations. They were synthesized glutaric acid (1878), methyl -? - Butyl ketone (1883) and others opened the vinyl ether (1878) and vinyl acetic acid (1899)..