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Joey Adams moved to Hollywood from Arkansas and found its role : it constantly plays sexy young women -it started with the television series `Top of the Heap` channel Fox, where she played the role of ` girl from a neighboring doma` Mona.

Born January 6, 1971 in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Curvy blonde with a child`s voice later played a similar role in some time kept on the Fox`e series ` Winnie and Bobbi` (with Matt Leblanc) and also appeared in the television series `CBS Schoolbreak Special`,` Words Up! `, as well as ` Married. With detmi`. In 1996-1997. she occasionally appeared in the TV series `Second Noah` channel ABC as a singer Darby, girlfriend Rica.

But gradually, the actress began to build a career in the field of cinema. Initially had small roles in independent films : ` Dazed and smyatenii` (1993) ,` The Pros and Cons of Breathing`. In the film ` Programma` Joey appeared alongside James Caan in ` Lie with mnoy` its role has been woven into the two storylines, and in the film ` Japanese gorodovoy` (1994) she played the ex-girlfriend of the character Stephen Dorff. In 1995 there was a film of supermarketa` ` Party People (the first of a series of Jay and Silent Bob) ; Adams starred in it with Ben Affleck. The director and scriptwriter of the film, Kevin Smith, a little later, in 1997, he created the film ` Chasing Emmi` specifically for Joey, and it was the most lyrical of all the movies ,where there is Jay and Silent Bob.

Adams drew attention. And not only for the shooting of Ben Affleck colleagues, but also from critics and audiences. Their attention has led to proposals (received) to star with Vince Vaughn in the film ` Cool and dry mesto` with Adam Sandler in ` Big pape` (1998 and 1999 respectively). Next Adams continued to star in low-budget films, how, for example, was ` Bruno` - the directorial debut of Shirley MacLaine - and` Krasivaya` - Sally Field `s directorial debut.

In 2001, she played a small role in the film ` Jay and Silent Bob Strike otvetnyyudar` and then appeared in the crime tape ` Kaskadery` - aboutas the killer (Matthew Modine) is sent to Hollywood to remove stuntman by James Caan.

Adams then sang one of the main roles in the film `Harvard Man` (2001) - as ` almost tridtsatiletney` the professor of philosophy, and also voiced the role of proteins, one of the cute little animals ,who could communicate with the titular hero of the Eddie Murphy film Doctor Dolittle `, 2`.

Then there was an interesting TV project `On the Edge`, consisting of three short films and movies again.

In 2003, Joey starred in ` Most pustota`, a black comedy about the actor wish to earn easy money delivering suitcases, given to him by a stranger ,and `Grand Champion`, warm family film about a single mother from Texas, and her son, kidnapped the prize bull, which the buyer was going to send to the meat. ..

The film ` The Break - amerikanski` where Joey Adams starred with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, the audience waited with great anticipation ; Adams played the role of a friend ,whose advice only exacerbate the situation, which were spouses.

The film `Come Early Morning` became the second film debut Joey Adams - this time it became a scriptwriter and director. This - dramatic film about the 30 -year-old woman, whose life begins to change quickly when she learns the truth about his family`s past - and about herself. Among the new projects of the actress - movie ` Dalnoboyschitsa` (2008) and ` Out of sight - out of heart won`t (2009) , as well as the TV series ` vecherinok` Masters (2009) .

With regard to privacy Joey Adams - the actress met with Kevin Smith (director of his first really famous film) and Vince Vaughn, who had not once starred ,however, both the novel after a while broke off

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