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As a comedian Joey lobbied more than 70 years; he worked, among other things, in night clubs and variety shows.

Joseph Abramovich, better known by the name of Joey Adams (Joseph Abramowitz and Joey Adams, 6.01.1911 - 2.12.1999) - American comedian.

Adams was born in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York).

For a long time, Joey kept in `New York Post` column` Strictly for Laughs`.By the way, Joey and wife, Cindy Adams worked for the same newspaper (Cindy Adams); it was administered in the gossip section.

In 1973, Adams wrote the book `Borscht Belt`.

As a comedian Joey lobbied more than 70 years; he workedamong other things, in night clubs and variety shows. Some time Adams conducted his own radio program.Pretty Adams lobbied and on television; it is often invited to various TV programs - like `Ed Shaw Sallivana` (` The Ed Sullivan Show`) and `show Howard Sterna` (` The Howard Stern Show`). Filmed and Adams in the film - `Singing in nochi` (`Singing in the Dark`) in 1956 ,` Don`t Worry, We`ll Think of a title` 1966 and `Silent Prey` of 1997. He proved himself to Adams and writer`s career - and not without success; During his lifetime he published 23 books. In addition to these already `Borscht Belt` should separately mention` From Gags to Riches`, `Joey Adams Joke Book`,` Laugh Your Calories Away`, `

On the Road with Uncle Sam` and `Encyclopedia of Humor`.During his public activities Adams received a number of awards. Adams is an honorary doctor of comedy according to Columbia University (Columbia University), New York University (New York University), the University of Long

Island (Long Island University) and the City College of New York (City College of the City University of New York).In 1977, Adams joined the club `Friars`; he worked at the club very active and highly successful. Some time Joe Adams served as president of the American Guild of Variety Artists (American Guild of Variety Artists, AGVA).

By the will of the mayor of New York, Robert Wagner (Robert F. Wagner) Joe Adams was appointed Commissioner for Youth;among other things, in this post, Joe was engaged in combating juvenile crime. Later, Governor Nelson Rockefeller (Nelson Rockefeller) persuaded Adams to run a program developed by it at the state level; after some time, the program began to work in California (California).

Adams died at the hospital of St. Vincent (St.Vincent`s Hospital) in Manhattan (Manhattan), heart failure; at the time of his death he was 88 years old.

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