Joe Gallo

Picture of Joe Gallo

Date of Birth: 07/04/1929

Age: 43

Place of birth: Brooklyn

Citizenship: United States


Joe Gallo (Joseph Gallo) was born in 1929 in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York). There`s also passed his childhood in the port area of ??the city, known as Red Hook.

His parents were Mary (Mary Gallo) and Umberto Gallo (Umberto Gallo), who in the days of Prohibition bootlegging hunted and did not do anything that would interfere with all three of his sons to become criminals. Joe since childhood showed mental instability, and in 1950, after another arrest, he was placed in a psychiatric clinic Brooklyn Kings County Hospital Center, where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

By the way, Joe`s friend at the time called him Joe Blonde (Joey the Blond) because of his blond hair and overall softness.

Brothers Joe, Larry Gallo (Larry Gallo) and Albert Gallo (Albert `Kid Blast` Gallo), also enjoyed the reputation of inveterate gangster, and together they represent a very formidable force, especially given the abnormality Joe, who was later and nicknamed - Crazy Joe ( Crazy Joe).

Brothers worked on the Gallo clan Profaci (Profaci crime family), in which the boss was known mobsters Profaci Joe (Joe Profaci). Soon no longer be subordinate to arrange Joe - he wanted to be the boss himself as Profaci. Eventually he broke away from the clan, while having withdrawn for a good half of the people Profaci, and is, in fact, marked the beginning of the war, which was to reach out for many years; Moreover, this war has claimed the lives of its main characters.

In the fall of 1961, Joe still landed in jail for a long time - he was given from 7 to 14 years in state prison. In 1968, he died of cancer, his brother Larry, while Joe was still behind bars.

After leaving prison in 1971, he found New York already is not the way he remembered. By the way, his former dong Profaci, also died of cancer back in 1962, and at the head of the clan was now Carlo Gambino (Carlo Gambino) clan Colombo (Colombo crime family).

However, despite the fact that the world for Joe turned upside down, he still decided to continue to work - and work Mad Joe could and could only gangster. His new band was no longer Italian, now it was black teenagers who for quite paltry money was ready to do any work.

So, it was his new black slave dealt the final blow to the clan Profaci, killing Colombo. In turn, the people of Colombo eight months after this attempt retaliated. So, April 7, 1972 the people of Colombo overtook Joe Gallo in the restaurant `Umberto`s Clam House` in Manhattan (Little Italy, Manhattan). Joe the day just celebrated his 43rd birthday, and among his guests were Sister Carmella (Carmella), Essar wife Sina (Sina Essary), daughter Lisa (Lisa) and several others, including bodyguards. It fired about 20 bullets, and Joe Gallo have died on arrival at the hospital.

Pohooronili Joe Gallo to Brooklyn Cemetery Green-Wood Cemetery, during a ceremony at the cemetery was on duty police outfit.

Death Gallo was the subject of Bob Dylan songs (Bob Dylan) and Jacques Levy (Jacques Levy) `Joey`, recorded by Dylan for his album` Desire` 1976.