Jodelle Ferland

Picture of Jodelle Ferland

Date of Birth: 09/10/1994

Age: 22

Place of birth: Nanaimo

Citizenship: Canada


Jodelle Ferland was born October 9, 1994 in the city of Nanaimo. Already at the age of four she started filming for advertising campaigns in more than 20 companies, including Coca-Cola, Mattel, as well as in several television series, including Smallville, Dark Angel, The Collector, Supernatural. In the same age Jodelle starred in his first feature-length TV movie "The Little Mermaid", a role which was nominated for the "Emmy" in the category "outstanding performance in a film for children," becoming the youngest nominee in the history of the award.

Tvorchest From the outset, Jodelle acting career went on a very bizarre way: the directors chose it solely in horror or thrillers on the role of the dead girls, ghosts or demons. In 2004 she took part in the shooting of 13-series of mystical drama `Royal Hospital` - the American teleadaptatsii famous "Kingdom" by Lars von Trier, where she played the ghost of the murdered girl, which marks the arrival of his appearance at the hospital died. In the same year, Ferland pointed director Terry Gilliam, who invited her on a leading role Dzhelizy girl Rose in his adaptation of the novel by Mitch Cullin, "Tideland". Game Ferland in this phantasmagorical mixture of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Psycho," Hitchcock was awarded the highest praise of critics [citation needed]. In addition, you can see Jodelle published in the spring of 2006 horror film adaptation of the famous Japanese video game "Silent Hill", where the actress plays the role of just four.

Interesting facts

Jodelle Ferland independently came up with four different emphasis for puppet heads, which plays her character Dzheliza Rose in the film "Tideland."

In the samples for the film "Silent Hill" actress said director Christophe Gans, which would like to play devil.

Jodelle is interested in painting, swimming and gymnastics.

The actress Franco-Austrian and Anglo-Saxon roots.

At a press conference dedicated to the start of filming "Tideland," Gilliam Jodelle presented in the following words: "I met with Jodelle, the outstanding girl, and then I found out that she made more films than I do." "Tideland" really began to Ferland 26th project.