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Place of birth: Salford

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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The actress Joanne Whalley (Joanne Whalley) was born in 1964 in Salford, UK. The first movie roles Joanne played as a child, so that she appeared in the 1975 television drama `Joby `, in 1978 it could be seen in the movie` The One and Only Phyllis Dixey `, in 1982. The young actress played in the famous musical film` Wall `(Pink Floyd The Wall) Alan Parker and Gerald Scarfe. However, the great success was waiting for the actress is yet to come.

In the mid-eighties, Wally could see how on the London stage and on British television. Then, in 1986, she played her first prominent role in the miniseries `At the edge tmy` (Edge of Darkness). But the real fame came to Wally in the same year, with the TV series `The Singing Detective `(The Singing Detective), which, in turn, helped her get a starring role in Michael Caton-Jones` Scandal` (Scandal) in 1989.

In 1988, Joanne met on the set with her future husband - actor Val Kilmer, later added to her name and surname - Whalley-Kilmer. The marriage had two children, but later wife, vse-taki divorced.

Together with Joanna Kilmer starred in 1988 in the movie Ron Howard`s Willow `` (Willow) - and in this picture in the future spouses have the main role; and `Kill me snova` (Kill Me Again), directed by John Dahl.

The actress also starred in the popular series `Skarlett` (Scarlett) directed by John Erman, staged on the novel - the continuation of the famous epic `Gone vetrom`. The role of Scarlett O `Hara became the most famous work of Wally - a charming character, proud and dedicated actress yuzhanki great success, and in some confessions, series proved even more successful film. Generally, Scarlett`s character can not help but cause a lot of emotions, and hence the popularity of the actress after this role has become more extensive.

Among the notable roles 90s - comedy Jon Amiel `The man who knew too little` (The Man Who Knew Too Little) with `` professional genre of Bill Murray in the title role.

In 2000, Joanne plays a major role - First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis - in the biographical drama of David Burton Morris` First Lady `(Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis).

2002 brings a major role in the family drama of Peter Markle `Flight` (Virginia `s Run).

Also works in film Joanne Whalley much removed and television - for her career, she has played in more than a dozen series. Among the last works - the role of the Queen Mary in the series `Virgin Queen `(The Virgin Queen), as well as work on the series` Criminal Minds` (Criminal Minds).

The total number of games played roles in film and television actress has about fifty works, in 2009 Joanne Whalley was occupied by at least four film projects.

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