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Age: 30

Citizenship: United States

When returning the form after two genera

Problems with excess weight Joanna Boyles began after the birth of two children; during the first pregnancy Boyles scored 20 extra kilos, for the second time - still 16. Especially surprising that do not have; Joanna diet healthy food was frankly hard to call. Pete Boyles food tasty, but unhealthy; in her diet consisted of sweet breakfast, granola bars, chocolate, pizza and macaroni and cheese mountain. Ultimately Boyles stouter up to 75 kilograms, with growth of 160 centimeters was obvious brute force. Fortunately, Boyles was able to solve your problem with the weight; Now she weighs only 52 kilograms, and the fat in the body it is not more than 14%. I have achieved such impressive results woman, radically changing the diet and adding in his life exercise. Waiver of junk food has been extremely effective; Joanna was surprised to find that her body is changing before our eyes.

It should be noted that the exercise for Joanna were not new; even when he was the first school girl, and then - a student, it is quite closely following its shape. Female Boyles led a fairly active lifestyle, a lot of walking, skiing and even mountaineering. Later the college was Joanna behind; married and took a job in an office, Boyles gradually began to get fat. When Joanna decided to leave the job and switch entirely on domestic affairs, a new problem arose - now she could not even afford a gym, not to mention the personal trainer. The situation continued to deteriorate, albeit not very fast; Pregnancy, however, much has changed Boyles - adding to her 55 extra pounds. The second part of pregnancy overweight Joanna dropped, but it is now waiting for the new 35 extra pounds of weight. Being a mother of two children was very tedious; Boyles poorly understood, making and felt exhausted both physically and mentally. Of course, she did not want to be fat, always sleepy and constantly feel sick - but just get out of the situation was impossible. The first serious impetus to Joanna was the idea of ??the proper upbringing of children; she longed to make from their offspring worthy citizens and people, but for this they had to instill a lot of useful skills. Among these skills, according to Boyles, including respect, self-discipline, and an understanding of the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle. Alas, from the mouth of a woman is so self run lessons about nutrition and the importance of sport activities would have sounded pretty convincing. Joanna knew she would have to raise their children, including, by example; This example simply had to be as perfect as possible.

Realizing the need for change, Boyles began to change his life. Picking up a magazine for athletes, she came across a picture of some professional bodybuilders - and almost at first sight fell in love with her body a strange woman. Immediately Joanna came up with a sudden thought - `how much cool will have such a body, even after two successful birth `?. By working with heavy weights Boyles certain inclination felt for a long time; develop this tendency, unfortunately, it did not succeed. After the necessary additional research by scheduling workouts and how to motivate yourself, Boyles got down to business. Now she was not fed like they used to; instead of chocolate and macaroni and cheese in her daily diet came salads, rice, chicken and yogurt. Get used to the new regime was not easy, but proper motivation played a role - and eventually Joanna Boyles has achieved the desired result.

Dreams about parenting by example become a reality much faster than expected Joanna; her children took up the lungs, pound dumbbell in 4 and 5 years, respectively. Samu Boyles such a demonstration of the correctness of the chosen path pretty inspired; I am confident in the infallibility of their solutions, Joanna continued employment with renewed intensity. Afford a gym or trainer Boyles still could not, but it is not so depressing it; she found that at home it is quite possible to organize an effective workout. The process of organizing Boyles came to their liking; she always liked to keep things under his vigilant control, and in this situation, her talent manager came in handy.

Joanna spent a lot of time on specialized sites in order to properly learn the necessary procedures and training. At home, she kind of has equipped gym; it was at the disposal of dumbbells, expanders, special rubber ball, fitball and even a used treadmill. Written on a special online rates, Joanna took up the embodiment of the conceived to life with impressive tenacity. Thoroughly planning lessons and meals, Boyles quickly start getting the results you need. To achieve the set within the online contests goals fully Joanna was not possible, but in general it seriously improved its form - and considerably regained strength and energy in the process. An important factor was also the considerably increased self-esteem of women; besides, Joanna felt as strongly growing spiritually, improve your fitness. Encouraged by the success, Boyles even allowed herself to relax a little bit - but so hard to better body immediately began to lose shape. Joanna on her sad experience knew that active exercise should be a lifestyle - or a stable result can be not to dream.

Training Joanna is not abandoned to this day. In her pretty busy schedule is the place to communicate with his family; children as wanted Joanna, adopted its habits and lifestyle are very, very active. Looking at them, every time Boyles remembers what took themselves to improve - and receives a new impetus to continue the occupation.

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