Joan Plowright

Picture of Joan Plowright

Date of Birth: 10/28/1929

Age: 87

Place of birth: Lincolnshire

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Joan Plowright was born October 28, 1929 in England. She is a famous actress, has in its list of awards such as the prestigious award "Tony" and "Golden Globe". Also nominated for the award "Oscar" and "Emmy."

Joan Plouray t was born in a small town in Lincolnshire County. Her father was a well-known journalist and editor of a major newspaper publications. Joan was educated at Bristol school, the end of the hearth which began working in the theater.

In 1951 she made her debut on the big stage. And in 1954, he played for the first time in London. For a long time Joan Plowright was known to many as a great stage actress.

In 1956, the actress joined the troupe "Inglish Stage". Just this year she made her debut in the movie. Her first role was played in the film "Moby Dick."

In 1958, Joan worked in tandem with the renowned British actor Laurence Olivier. After a few scenes together actors of great strength beginning to attract each other. Affection on the set developed into a strong love that led to marriage.

Laurence Olivier and Joan Plowright was one of the most beautiful pair of British cinema. Ihbrak was always strong and indestructible. Divide lovers could only Olivier`s death.

Joan Plowright stood out that was always bright and expressive from the crowd of many actors. She especially did manage a variety of improvisation on the theme of foreign accents. She could play skilfully Yugoslav Jew or almost completely copying the national traits of their characters.

Directed Plowright liked because she could play absolutely any role for a substantial fee, whether it is the most disgusting and losing the image.

His most vivid as Joan Plowright starred in films: