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Date of Birth: 10/11/1962

Age: 54

Place of birth: Evanston

Citizenship: Russia


Joan Mary Cusack (Joan Mary Cusack, 11.10.1962) - American actress and comedienne, sister of the famous actor John Cusack.

Despite the fact that most of his career the actress tried to break out of the shadow of his star brother John, Joan eventually had some success, playing a number of memorable supporting roles. Unlike his more famous brother, Joan was nominated for `Oscar` for his role in `Business devushka` (` Working Girl`); This picture came out almost immediately after her breakthrough role in Telenovosti` `(` Broadcast News`). From that moment began to fill at the moment quite a long list of her roles - so she played `Say chto-nibud` ( `Say Anything`), `My Blue Heaven` ( `My Blue Heaven`), `Addams Family Values `(` Addams Family Values`). While it getting any good dramatic role - as in `Road to Arlington` ( `Arlington Road`) and Cradle Will Rock `` ( `The Cradle Will Rock`) - Cusack looked quite contented life and career. There were, of course, and failures - a vivid example of this is a bad role in an untitled comedy series of 2001 - but the actress they never acted very depressing; by the end of the nineties - the beginning of zero, it has become one of the most pleasant Actress throughout Hollywood.

Joan was born in Evanston, Illinois. She grew up in an Irish Catholic family, headed by her father, Richard, writer, director, and a specialist in advertising and her mother Nancy - a teacher of mathematics. My parents always taught her to show their creative skills, which eventually led her to theater workshops Paiva. Having trained at The Story Theatre art of improvisation, Cusack has used this skill in the film `My bodyguard` ( `My Bodyguard`) 1980; soon after the cinema debut of the actress found herself another improvisational group - Kovcheg` `(` The Ark`); Here Joan helped uncover dormant in her skills comedienne. She still received small roles in movies like `Chicago Sixteen svechey` (` Sixteen Candles`)-th 1984. Parallel Cusack studied at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where in the 1985th received a bachelor`s degree in English. After graduation, she began playing for high stakes - she was invited to a popular American comedy show `Saturday Night Live efire` ( `Saturday Night Live`). However, as many actresses show the time - except, perhaps, Gilda Radner - Joan acted not very often. After leaving the show after one season Cusack returned to the cornfield cinema, playing a major role in the teen comedy 1987, Night owls `` ( `The Allnighter`); then she finally managed to use his comic gift in the film `Telenovosti`. In this classic film of James Brooks, it has played an important supporting role - a reliable assistant producer; many viewers she remembered replica `Apart from the style of communicating with people, you - my way of role models`. It is equally well-remembered episode in which her character, headlong, rushing to an important film, trying to catch the live broadcast.

In the film, `Married mafiey` (` Married to the Mob`) Cusack played mafia wife with Long Island; the most successful scenes of the film was dismantling his wife assassin (executed Michelle Pfeiffer) in the grocery store. Then Joan was nominated for an Oscar for her role in the romantic comedy Mike Nichols` Business devushka`; Here she played a secretary heroine Sigourney Weaver. Following was a collaboration with her legendarnymbratom John in his breakthrough film `Say nibud`. The actress went on to win a reputation as a non-standard dramatic performer; she played an experienced seductress in `Men do not uhodyat` ( `Men Don`t Leave`). Cusack, however, was still magnificent comedian - it worked perfectly with Steve Martin in My Blue Heaven `` 1990. Joan `was a comedy naraskhvat` assistant; however, its role in Geroy` `(` Hero`) and Igrushki` `(` Toys`) impressed with a lot of viewers. I failed her and bitchy blonde nurse from `Values ??Adams` little family.

After an excellent block by the secretary true young talent (again, played by John Cusack) in the `Murder in Grosse Poynte` (` Grosse Point Blank`), Cusack won the female lead in the comedy by Frank Oz `Entry and egress (` In & Out `). Its role could be performed by less talented actress to become a naked stereotype - a former fat girl is still a highly uncertain - but Joan filled her incredible warmth and sympathy. At the same time, she is working on a major project - the character played by Tim Robbins` wife in a paranoid thriller `Road to Arlington` ( `Arlington Road`).

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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