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Date of Birth: 05/23/1933

Age: 83

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Born in London in a family of theater official. At the age of nine years, he played in his first play. In 1953 she made her debut as an actress; popularity came to it two years later, with the release of the film "Land of the Pharaohs." In the 70 years DzhoanKollinz called the uncrowned queen of movies category "B". Finest hour Collins struck with the release in 1981 of the series "Dynasty", where she played Alexis Carrington. Peru Joan Collins wrote a number of novels "of social life", as well as the autobiography "The past imperfect," which is read as another novel. Not so long ago for Merit Joan Collins he was awarded the Order of the British imperii.Ochevidno not accidental fate of any product, whether it`s a movie, a book or a play, determines the fate of the hero. That the vicissitudes of his biography and interesting to the reader sees, or middle, yutory comparing the lives of others with their own, find something meaningful for themselves. Or, on the contrary, rejects this biography as inadmissible.

Famous actress Joan Collins directly implicated in a wide viewing ass polarity series "Dynasty", which oyl sold in ninety countries around the world. She played the role of a villain in it, Alexis. Collins was so natural, that it is even called "the witch from" Dynasty "." Now the series goes back to the screen after a six-year break.

Once writers have even decided to kill Alexis since producers revolted publication in "Playboy" photos of her. But the number of letters of spectator immediately increased by several times. If previously wrote about ten thousand letters a week to express their hatred of the heroine, now the audience demanded the return of Alexis on the screens. Collins has achieved extraordinary success, and this despite the fact that initially the role of Alexis suggested to invite Sophia Loren.

The actress explains the success of his character: "Alexis is really very negative character, but at the same time, she and bright personality, against which good women look just puppets."

Voobsche-to "Dynasty" is not the only TV series, which ensured the success of the game, Joan. It may be noted, and her roles in such films as "Paper Dolls", "Men`s Model", "Sins". And the last of the films in this series in the second half of the eighties took the first place in all the popularity ratings. Collins won the sympathy not only spectators, but also his fellow actors. For example, when they heard that the show Joan Collins is removed, it agreed to take part and one of the "007" Timothy Dalton.

Moreover, Steven Berkoff, her co-star, "Helen Zhyu", insisted that she played a major role in his directorial debut in the film "Decadence". Joan`s father was a theatrical agent, so as early as nine years old, she played her first role in a play boy Ibsen "A Doll`s House." She continued to perform in a professional theater scene in his student years. Her partners were R.Barton, B.Devis, R.Mitchum, P.Nyumen.

In the movie, Collins started acting in 1951 in the historical series "Night Decameron", "Country of the Pharaohs", "Virgin Queen." It was called "Elizabeth Taylor for the poor", and the first movie with her participation is not used Particular? bym success. Unsuccessful considered and movies | "Stallion" and "Bitch", dubbed the "sex-operational" kinomakulaturoy. They are interesting. only that they were taken on a "family contract": the script was written in the books sister Joan Jackie.

Filming in the "Dynasty" abruptly changed the life of Joan. It does not just become famous, but her fame gets a shade mandatory scandal. Joan herself denies that in life it is the same as the movie. Simply, it is very delicate and vulnerable, and only the aggressiveness can save her, "I am."

In total, Collins has played in more than sixty films and TV shows about thirty. It is a constant struggle for the role, knowing that it can defeat the other, no less famous Hollywood stars, such as Sh.Stoun or M.Strip. So one day she offered herself as an actress director K.Brenu.

He invited her to the film "The Tale midwinter", where specially for Joan was written role Margaretta D `Arcy, a theatrical agent. His decision to the director explained as follows: "Collins - the perfect mix of talent and vulgarity. Margaretta, like Joan, more than anything else loves show business, actor profession, triumph, but with no less dignity knows how to meet failure ... ".

Perhaps his last words can be attributed to love affairs Collins. While all her three daughters were born in marriage, it can not keep for a long time beside her lover because he is interested in other women. However, Collins itself does not differ constancy: Wed di her lovers called Empire host hotels, the first husband N.Hiltona E. Taylor, the Dominican dictator R.Truhilo, movie stars and R. U.Bitti 0`Nila, owner of a network of antique shops R. Herlstouna.

The last novel came unexpectedly. Joan and English aristocrat R.Herl-Stone met at a party in a common friend. Their affair began, and soon gave her beloved villa with a romantic name "Destiny", where Joan and prefers to spend time. However, she does not want to legitimize-1 Vat their relationship, because it believes that marriage destroys feelings.

Joan also successfully engaged in literary work, she writes novels. At the same time she had to enter into an unspoken competition with her sister Jackie, familiar to our readers and viewers, for example, in the books "Lady Boss" and "chance". But the basis of the plot of the majority of works of Joan - the scandals and intrigues occurring around the set.

Many argue, can we consider the natural beauty of Collins, and it owes its appearance surgeons? But this debate is sterile. Clearly more. The management of the London boutique "Escada" Joan called "fashionable lady number 1" and invited her to the opening of its new store.

We also know that Collins is a representative of cosmetic company "Revlon" and the airline "British Air-Ueyz".

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