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BiographyIn the first half of the nineties alternative scene completely owned grunge, coupled with unwashed Patlakh hanging down to his shoulders, languid glances askance and torn jeans, heavily prevailing at that time alternative youth. Times boring post-punk sunk into oblivion, and a new wave of more positive punk rock is not like as planned. ..The significant year 1994th, gave rise to this very new wave, and the band Jimmy Eat World was formed. As it is probably hard to believe, but even then there were no signs of success, which will fall in the group after some four years as an avalanche on the hapless climbers in snow even in summer Alps. And it was all pretty simple and to itch in the knees is trivial : the four guys to be friends since kindergarten, from the town of Mesa, Arizona, thinking somehow and decide what is the point around the clock to hang around in bars and clubs where you can do something interesting and not dull ,that may even bring a good income. .. Called friends Jim Adkins (vocals / guitar) , Zach Lind (drums) , Tom Linton (guitar / vocals) and Mitch Porter (bass) in the distant future. Well, think long tunnel bucks more or less tolerable tools and took to invent the name. This name became mocking the caption of one of the younger brothers Linton, Ed. The figure was depicted second of a younger brother named Jimmy, devouring the planet. The group decided that Jimmy Eat World is perfect for them in the title role. Outside, meanwhile, it was the month of February 94, and only-only shown in the light of the group had to do something to attract the attention of the public and, possibly, the record companies. They began to win local scene with his powerful and defiant punk sound, driving around the district with concerts and gradually skolachivaya an audience of true fans. Among the groupshad an impact on JEW and to determine as a result of their style, were Fugazi, Rocket From The Crypt, early Def Leppard, Jesus And Mary Chain and Velvet Underground. ..

Soon the efforts hitherto obscure JEW were appreciated by the independent label Wooden Blue Records, located in the neighboring town of Mesa Tempe. On it, the band released their first unremarkable self-titled LP, a couple of limited edition sorokapyatok called "One, Two, Three, Four," and "Back From the Dead Mother Fucker", and splits with bands Christie Front Drive, Emery and Blueprint. All this material was later completely sold out. The most valuable of this was self-titled LP, which is still nowhere to be reissued a group, so now is a rarity. The above records were to someone from the staff major label Capitol Records, was followed by the invitation to the group to sign a contract with Capitol. Obviously, the guys were not opposedto flop to the majors, since the contract was immediately signed by both parties, and in 1995 began a new page in the life of the group. For unknown reasons, the bass player Mitch Porter left the band in the same year, and the vacant position quickly found a suitable candidate in the person of Rick Bartsch, school friend Tom Linton. In the same year ,in the new part of Jimmy Eat World released their second full-length album Static Prevails - major debut of the group.

This album is not a breakthrough, and the critics were in no hurry to extol him, Static Prevails showed that punk band can have quite diverse sounds, from statistically prevailing on the plate punkrock and grunge ("Rockstar", "Thinking, That It`s All") and ending with the almost slow rock ballads ("Episode IV", "Anderson Mesa"), is painfully reminiscent of creativity U2. Then, in 1998, followed by the release of the eponymous EP on the Florida label Fueled by Ramen, and split with Less Than Jake (and which belongs to the label) .

Next, the third ,LP Clarity showed more emotional side of music JEW. He came out in 1999. Of course, it was not quite emo, but the Adkins` songwriting talent emerged on this album is the best. In addition to the group was engaged in Producing Clarity Mark thrombin, who previously worked with the group Blink- 182, No Knife, Midtown and Drive Like Jehu.JEW not retreat from the chosen direction - is still on the album alternate calm and measured power- Popov composition with true rock tracks such as "Believe In What You Want" and "Crush". Boys obviously were not afraid to bring something new in their music : on the album can be heard all sorts of electronic effects, piano, and in the song " 12.23. 95 " instead of the usual drum kit drum machine operates. As a result, the release turned out to be extremely successful: the audience of fans grew steadily, and the track "Lucky Denver Mint" from this CD came on the soundtrack to the comedy "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore in the lead role. The vinyl version of Clarity trusted publishing company Big Wheel Recreation in Boston. Due to violation of terms of release of the album (the fault of the team) guys relationships with the label Capitol became quite tense. Jimmy Eat World have preferred to leave the label and go on free bread, so in 2000 to give yourself at least pick up the renowned company DreamWorks. But before that, they had released a split with Jebediah and Sense Field,to play a bunch of shows across the United States, Europe, and rolled up to release a compilation of singles and EP on Big Wheel Recreation, entitled simply "Singles". Plenty navystupavshis on abroad, JEW again sat down to work on new material, as before inviting Brand thrombin on the role of producer. The result of this fruitful co-operation has become a disc "Bleed American".

" Explosive " - thought Stirlitz and he was right : the album has surpassed all expectations - it was all the same JEW, but the energy in their music was more than three times, if not more so - they have become a real boon for DreamWorks. Ask me how should start a punk album ,enough to fuse until the very end, and I say, " So, how Bleed American begins. " Three well-aimed shot hit right on target - tracks "Bleed American", "A Praise Chorus" and "The Middle" set a good tone for the album ; followed by a short break in the form of semi-acoustic "Your House",and again hit - strategically important for the entire creative JEW song "Sweetness", where Jim Adkins among other things, shows good vocal. Then again, a minute of rest, that is, slow "Hear You Me" with female backing vocals and using acoustics and piano among the main tools. The seventh track - midtempo "If You Do not,Do not " is nothing but a Bickford fuse for a new bomb -" Get It Faster "- explosive mixture of punk, grunge and God knows what else okoloalnernativnyh styles (which, for some reason, not everyone appreciated) . The last three tracks performed in a slow manner, put an end to the album, and the dots in the works of Jimmy Eat World.The result was the release of its gold status, and the single "Sweetness" has sold 1.3 million copies.

Of course, after such a huge release like "Bleed American", the group simply could not afford to rest for a minute : followed by a two-year tour of the USA and Europe, in an asset whose joint performances with bands Weezer and Tenacious D. (!)The tour ended in late 2003, and early next conglomerate DreamWorks announced the closure of its sound recording department. What is the reason for this closure, we will not understand, clearly only one thing - the band had to look for a new record company. Interscope label proved just out of place.At this very label under the guidance of new producer Gil Norton in October 2004, Jimmy Eat World released a new, already the fifth LP Futures. The disc turned out deeper and more emotional in terms of texts, even more gloomy. Among the topics raised on the album despair, drugs ,policy and so on - it is unlikely to allow the disc to become as successful as the previous one, but the fans have to evaluate this work guys. The music is all the same: the professionalism of the group members are not going to take positions, no monotony and does not smell, and the usual scheme of three chords they have long discarded as useless. Acoustics,piano and electronics - the same tools punk as usual bass and electric guitar with distortion.

Over the years spent on the professional group stage, they had to write himself firmly on the map of alternative music, get hold of a huge army of fans is easy to develop a recognizable style punk performancerock and is clearly not going to stop there. Of course, the story continues, and the point is to put more oh, how early. Hopefully, the group still manifest itself on all sides, and in the foreseeable future will be pleased more than one hit album, such as "Bleed American" or even better.

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