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Forgotten faces of silent films

American comedian and actor, who starred mostly in the era of silent movies. Behind Adams from 1917 to 1933. - 104 films, for the most part short. They certainly would have been more, but the actor died young.

James Adams (James B. Adams) was born on October 4, 1888 in Paterson, New Jersey (Paterson, New Jersey). A small, fragile, as if it was created for those eccentric characters ,which played in the silent short films, farces. Adams` debut on the silver screen have become comedy `Roaring Lions and Wedding Bells` and ` A Milk-Fed Vamp`, they both came out in November 1917, and in 1919 he appeared in the credits already like Jimmy Adams. In 1921, Adams starred in the short comedies for film company `Educational Pictures` and Al Christie (Al Christie), influential in those years, director and producer. Small, awkward, with ridiculous short mustache, Adams earned a reputation ` Charlie Chase for bednyh`. Just as Charlie Chase (Charley Chase),Jimmy Adams preferred sitcom rude slapstick comedy, and that both the comic differs from most other comic actors of `Educational Pictures`.

Some time Adams replaced comedian Garry McCoy (Harry McCoy) in the series of films `Hall Room Boys` director Mack Sennett (Mack Sennett), but by 1924 he returned to ` Educational Pictures`. In 1926 and 1927 E Christi hired Jimmy Adams for filming in six comedies. Comedy Christi differ more gentle humor and were far less extreme than the other studio comedies of the time, but they also found their audience. He starred a whole galaxy of stars, comedians, including Jimmy Adams, Bobby Vernon (Bobby Vernon),Lige Conley (Lige Conley), Neal Burns (Neal Burns) and Billy Dooley (Billy Dooley), and although they did not represent any threat to monsters industry like Hal Roach (Hal Roach), but still, these comedians on the screen entertained many millions audience with taste and style, which films of Hal Roach and Mack Sennett could not boast.

Besides,Jimmy Adams was a singer. In 1930, he performed a duet titled `The Rolling Stones` with comedian Dzhymisonom Bud (Bud Jamison) under the guise of ` muzykantov` itinerant, traveling about the United States (United States). He also sang with `The Ranch Boys`, musical group, who starred in the comedies of Charlie Chase.

He died on December 19, 1933 when,aged 45, of a heart attack, in Glendale, California (Glendale, California).

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